3 Times

3 Times

Never in a million years, would I have ever expected for Kevin to already be making 3 times the money he was making with his last job. He’s a month and 7 days into his new position with his new company and already making 3 times what he made in his last month at the old job, talk about a huge blessing. This career change (which really wasn’t a change, just had to get back into the power generation field). This company has been amazing so far. Kevin travels a lot, so he’s paid really well. He should be getting a raise in a few months (around 6-10 months from now), it all depends on his performance; which let’s be honest… he’s a Marine, they’re known for being on-time to things, doing their job, and getting it done the first time. Kevin has a great work ethic. He truly would do anything he had to do to support our family, including working 3 jobs if he had to do so.

Kevin spent the weekend in NY working, he’s headed to Florida again soon. I haven’t seen his schedule yet, so I’m not sure what he’s actually doing or where/when he’s traveling.

We’ve been slowly working on paying off our debts, because we want to start fresh when we finally go to buy our house. Only thing that will be on his credit that has a balance, is the Maryland property (unless it sells; but we won’t get our hopes up). We’re doing well financially with Kevin’s new job. So it won’t be long before our family is living our dream.

We’ve spent a lot of time reminding the kids that Kevin is doing this for our family, that he’s traveling and working long hours, so we can buy a house and give them the best life possible. Once we’ve gotten all our ducks in a row, it will be time to get down to putting money into investment accounts (we’ll be talking with a financial planner & stockbroker). We want to make sure we’re taking care of when Kevin’s ready to retire. We have lots of time before that happens, but we really need to get started while things in life are calm for us. Having 5 kids, we’re bound to need some extra money (braces, emergencies, etc).

We get to see Kevin for Christmas. He gets the whole week of Christmas off and they have off New Years Eve and New Years. So we get to spend time with him and he gets paid the whole week…. without even having to work! BEST COMPANY EVER!

Well I have to go feed Zachary & Ryleigh, fix myself some lunch, do some laundry, and wash the dishes.

Hopefully, the next few updates will be better. I was just so excited to see Kevin’s pay stubs. This job really couldn’t have come at a better time, I was starting to get discouraged. But our lives are back on track and now we can keep heading in the right direction. Hopefully, next month he’s making more than 3 times the pay at his last job. I’d really like to see him hit 4 times the pay for the month of October 2015 at his last job. That way we can keep on throwing money at all our debts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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