Applying for a Mortgage

Applying for a Mortgage

So yesterday afternoon when I came home from running errands I ended up applying for a mortgage, well pre-approval. I’m on pins and needles. My stomach is in knots. I know that our credit scores are Good/Very Good. So we’re just waiting for the bank to give us information on our pre-approval. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So I’m really dying to know what’s going on.

We’re doing all that we can to save money for the closing costs, we’re not going to have a down payment. But that’s all good, I guess. The VA Loan doesn’t require us to have a down payment, we just have to cover closing or we could get the seller to pay closing costs.

In the last few days, while leading up to applying for a mortgage, I just found out that Kevin most likely won’t be home for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Instead, he’ll be in Canada, then he’ll be leaving Canada on 4/3 and going straight to Arizona (which means tons of OVERTIME)! Then he’s headed to Texas. I pretty much won’t see him at all in the month of April. So much for celebrating our anniversary. We all have to make sacrifices and I guess this is one of those times.

Things are starting to look up. We’ve got money, Kevin’s working a ton of hours. April will probably be the most profitable month for him. In 4 paychecks for 2016, he’s made over $12,000. In 4 paychecks in 2015, he made around $11,000. So if things keep going the way they are with all these hours and overtime, he’s going to break $100,000 in his first year with the new company. This job has its perks, but it has its drawbacks. I guess you could say this job has been a blessing in disguise.

Now all we need to do is obtain this one small goal. Okay, okay. It’s not a small goal, but it’s something we really need in order to have our family time when Kevin isn’t traveling. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. We’re slowly getting to the point where we can achieve our goal before the end of this summer. We just need to finish the mortgage process.

Well, it’s Saturday morning with my little ones. Time to go clean up my mess from breakfast (eggs, pancakes & sausage). As soon as we have some information, I’ll be updating everyone!

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