Contact Us/PR Information


Contact Us/PR Information

Our contact information is listed below! If you would like to contact us, please don’t hesitate.

Delancey Dream Home
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Please use the contact form below. If you need a quicker response, please send us an email at DelanceyDreamHome

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We are currently seeking Corporate Sponsors!
We only are more than happy to do product reviews/sponsored posts about products. But we are only willing to review or post about products that we love. All of our product reviews will be 100% honest and contain our own thoughts/opinions of the product.

Things we might be interested in reviewing:

  • Coffee pots, coffee grounds, coffee mugs, pretty much anything coffee related (as long as it involves caffeine).
  • Cookware/Bakeware
  • Anything Chocolate
  • Craft Supplies (paint, brushes, stains, home cutting machine, etc)
  • Anything toy or kid related
  • Computer/Electronic Products (always looking for the latest in technology to work on my blogs with)

Delancey Dream Home

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