Meet the Delancey’s

Meet the Delancey’s!

I’m Victoria. I am a 32-year-old stay-at-home mother. I am a lover of many things. Baking, cooking, driving with no destination in mind, playing with makeup, creating videos and photography.

Kevin is my husband of almost 7 years. He is a USMC Veteran (’04-’14) and currently works as a Generator Service Technician.

Together we have a total of 5 crazy awesome kids.
Connor is 13, Bailey is 10, Ada is 8, Zachary is 5, and Ryleigh is 3.
We are true animal lovers.
Our German Sheppard/Chow Mix, Rex is my loyal protector and a fierce cuddle buddy, when Kevin isn’t around.
Our cats, Karma & Chipmunk are the exact opposite of each other. Karma is attached to me at all times. Chipmunk loves to be alone or cuddled up in one of the kid’s bed at night. In May 2017, we rescued 2 kittens (sisters) that we named Cookie and Oreo.

If you really want to Meet the Delancey’s keep on reading to find out more about us!

We support anything our kids want to try.
One kid wants to play guitar, another is learning to play the flute and has tried the violin, another child wants to do dance and gymnastics.

We recently became licensed foster parents and are in the process of pursuing out-of-state adoptions.

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