Meet the Delancey’s

Meet the Delancey’s!

I’m Victoria. I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mother.
Kevin is my husband of almost 5 years. He is a USMC Veteran (’04-’14) and now a Generator Service Tech again!

Together we have a total of 5 kids.
Connor is 11, Bailey is 9, Ada is 7, Zachary is 3, and Ryleigh is 1.
We are true animal lovers.
Our German Sheppard/Chow Mix, Rex is my loyal protector and a fierce cuddle buddy, when Kevin isn’t around.
Our cats, Karma & Chipmunk are the exact opposite of each other. Karma loves to lay on me, near me, etc. Chipmunk loves to be alone or cuddled up in one of the kids bed at night.

If you really want to Meet the Delancey’s keep on reading to find out more about us!

We support anything our kids want to try.
One kid wants to play sports and play the violin, another kid wants to take part in a Stem Program, the other wants to sing, dance, gymnastics. We are trying to do it all. Now that we can afford it!

Kevin spends most of his time traveling on the East Coast, where we are both from. We have to move back to the Virginia area  at the end of this school year. So we’re looking for our dream home and paying off bills, so we can get the home we want to have.

I’ve been an “blogger” on and off for more than 10 years. It gives me an opportunity to put my thoughts out there and to put my creativity out there as well. Plus it’s a lot of fun to have a blog. I enjoy updating my blog, it’s template, and posting photos online.

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