No Positive Reviews

No Positive Reviews

I’ve been looking up home builders for the last few days and all I’ve found as far as “reviews” go are negative reviews.

People telling others not to buy a house made by certain home builders because several homes in their communities have problems. Then there are people posting directly on the company’s social media accounts about issues that need to be dealt with (some petty things and some big things).

I’ve been trying to find positive posts about home builders in the area in which we want to live, but every single post that I’ve seen is negative. Sounds like some companies need some damage control done.

¬†Well all companies are bound to have some unhappy customers. That’s where the Delancey family comes in… all we need is a builder to put us on Payroll so we can obtain a mortgage on one of the builders homes and then we pay it off with the salary we make from the builder. I already know how much we’d need to earn and how long we’d need to pay it off. That’s including using the husband’s income, tax returns, etc to pay off the house as soon as possible. We’re responsible with our money and have decent enough credit to obtain a VA home loan.

I’ll gladly post blogs about all the positive things a new home has to offer and our family is willing to create vlogs in the home to show others how much they need a new custom home.

Word of mouth and social media marketing are two of today’s biggest reasons things sell.

I wouldn’t just spend money on a home without doing my research first. I want to know what builder has what incentives to purchase with them, I want to know who has the better price, what each builder offers for upgrades, etc. I’d so my homework before putting money on something so important.

I’ve started that homework and have come up pretty empty handed as far as positive information.. Happy customers sell new homes. Positive reviews sell products (large and small).

I really hope to find a builder that is willing to work with our family to help promote their company. The housing market is on a rise as we speak, rates are still low, and new houses are being built daily. But it seems a lot of these homes are sitting empty, waiting for people to buy. That means companies are losing money on these houses or can’t build anymore until they sell some of the others they have built.

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