Slowly Making Progress

Slowly Making Progress

I am slowly making progress in all aspects of my life. Our house is slowly coming together. We have a few things we want to do this weekend to finish up the basement, we still need to pressure wash the house and front porch and I have the never ending task of mowing the front lawn. Yes, I mow the lawn once a week unless it’s raining. I’m hoping to get out there this evening before it gets dark to mow the lawn. Kevin has to work tomorrow for about 3 hours in the morning. So once he gets home from that we’re going to do our normal weekend errands (grocery shopping, school supplies, gas, etc).

I am slowly making progress on my weight loss efforts. When we moved into our house I gave up drinking soda all day long. I occasionally get a 20 oz soda here and there, but I’ve basically given it up. I went 2 whole weeks without a single soda!!!! In the last 2 months that we’ve been in our house, I’ve lost 15 lbs!!! I’m more aware of my how many miles I walk each day thanks to my FitBit Flex. I’m also getting rewarded for all those miles I’m walking via AchieveMint. You get rewarded with MONEY to log your food intake, your sleep, your step count, etc. Talk about easy, I just set up my FitBit and then use MyFitnessPal app to track my food intake and then connected all the apps to my AchieveMint account. So that’s pretty motivating, that I’m earning money while getting healthy.

Yesterday, I took a walk with Zachary and Ryleigh in the double stroller, my calves burned so bad by the time I got back to the house. The terrain in our neighborhood is horrible, a lot of gravel and dirt and partially paved roads. There are also a ton of hills; REALLY STEEP HILLS. So I’m getting a really great workout every morning when I take the kids on a walk. We’re going to keep doing a daily walk for as long as the weather holds out this fall and winter. I don’t want Zachary and Ryleigh outside if it’s too cold, but we’re going to attempt to walk around the neighborhood even in November. We’ll just have to bundle up. If it’s too cold, we’ll just have to put the stroller in the truck and go to the mall and walk 3 miles, it will just suck because I’m hoping that the uneven and rough terrain is going to help me get to where I want to be faster than any flat surface/terrain.

My life has been super boring lately, Kevin’s been working a lot doing Annual Preventative Maintenance at one of their sites in Virginia. Each Generator takes 12 hours to shut down, do their APM work and then for the engineers to start them back up and do an hour long load banking test to make sure nothing has failed or is wrong with the unit. That’s what he’s been doing all week and has 2 more weeks after that, then he’s headed out of state for 4 days, comes back for the weekend and then heads out of state again for another week. He really misses out on a lot of things, but we know we both have to make sacrifices to provide for our family.

Eventually, all of our current stressors will be dealt with, the house will be in order and we’ll feel at peace when we’re spending time at home. Until then, we’re just going to keep doing things little by little, we’re still slowly making progress.  And I’m slowly but surely making progress towards my weight loss goals.

If you’re struggling with anything, just keep reminding yourself that you have to take it one day at a time.


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