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Daily Vlogging

Last summer we tried our hand at daily vlogging. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long and I felt like it was all that we did. We didn’t do anything fun last summer because of Zachary’s broken elbow. This year we already have our pool membership and river access key/pass. So we’re going to be living it up this summer at the community pool or the river.

Because last summer was such a bust due to having a kid in a cast for 4 weeks, we’ve decided that we’re going to try daily vlogging again this summer. Starting July 1st, which really means I’ll be recording at the end of June so we upload on July 1st.

We have so much to share in our daily lives. Like how we raise our 5 children, how the adopting/fostering thing is going, what we do all summer, how we budget, teaching our kids life skills while making things fun, etc.

We will also be addressing Zachary’s behavioral issues as he was just diagnosed with ADHD and we’ll soon be testing the waters of medications available for him. We will still be pushing to have him tested to see if he is on the Autism Spectrum.

We’re looking forward to taking you all along for the ride that is our lives. We’ve got a crazy bunch of kiddos and we’re blessed beyond measure. But remember we’re only showing you the majority of the good moments in our lives. Things do go wrong and we’ll capture some of the bad moments in our lives, but we don’t want to dwell on the negative things unless there is a teachable moment.

Our main purpose for daily vlogging is to share our lives with family members who do not live nearby. Since we live in a different state than both mine and Kevin’s family we don’t see them as often. We will be using our YouTube channel to share our daily lives with those close to us. Obviously, we are opening up our lives to criticism and the potential for negative comments. We (Kevin and myself) will not tolerate negative comments towards our children or our family, we do have the settings for our comments set to where we have to manually approve them. So if there is a negative comment our children will never see them.

We look forward to sharing our Daily Dose of Delancey with you in just a few short weeks!


We have some awesome news! Kevin has finally secured a generator technician position, almost 1 year and 1 month after getting out of the Marines! Pay is decent, there’s so much room for advancement (6 figures within 3 years of starting with the company). Only down side is he has to travel 30% of the time. He gets to travel for training next month, he leaves for Texas on the 1st of November. Then he heads to Virginia to start working. The kids and I won’t be able to move out there until after the school year is over. We don’t want to uproot them while school is in session. But his company is willing to pay for him to fly to visit us occasionally.

This all happened so quickly. We submitted his resume on Saturday afternoon, within 5 minutes his phone rings to set up a Skype interview for Sunday. By the end of last night, they offered him the position. He’ll get a raise once he’s gotten his training done, which means he’ll be making almost double what he makes currently. I’m so thankful.

I have been blessed with a husband who will do whatever it takes to support our family. I’ll miss my love while he’s gone. But I’ll have my hands full taking care of the 5 kiddos by myself.

We’ve been holding on for dear life the last year, struggling emotionally with the situation we’d been faced with. Now the only way to go from here is UP! We’re finally on the mend. I’m currently working on paying down our credit cards, personal loan, and my student loans. Little by little, the only debt we want to have when we buy our home together is his 1st house (which is currently back on the market). So we’re hoping to make that happen before our 5th Anniversary. We’re going to just start throwing money on these debts and see where we end up come tax time. We’re throwing all the money we’re saving by not drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (every single day) onto the debt with the highest interest rate, and then working down to our lowest interest rate. By the time we pay it all off… we’ll have about $1,200-$1,600 extra every month (once we stop paying for a storage unit and are back to our normal grocery shopping habits). We can use that to either pay off the new house faster, put it in savings (for the kids and for an emergency fund) or use it to purchase a new vehicle. There are so many options available. We also plan on putting the extra money that Kevin’s earning towards our debts and then saving for our closing costs.

Life is finally looking up for us! We can take a deep breath and not feel like we’re drowning. It feels so good to have this weight lifted off our shoulders!!!!

Nothing is more important that doing what is best for our family and I am so very thankful for all that is happening right now.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. While it’s been a slow and steady ride the last year, but we’ve held on and are finally getting our happily ever after! Best part is… I get to live it with my children and my best friend of all time and my partner in crime (my husband).

Well I’m off to get Zachary and Ryleigh fed and start my busy day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, can’t wait to update you guys once Kevin gets started with his new career in the Generator field again.


Do you ever wonder how many batteries people go through in a day? A week? A month? A year?

I only wonder because I have 5 kids, myself and my husband to buy batteries for on a regular basis. 90% of my kids toys require batteries, 90% of my camera gear requires either AA batteries, watch batteries or specialty batteries. My kids video games require batteries (controllers or the handheld devices).

I buy batteries like once a week because the kids Xbox 360 controllers are wireless, the Wii remotes require batteries, and I’m not really sure if their PlayStation 4 controllers require batteries or now (I don’t pay enough attention to the video game systems). Not to mention we have 3 cable remotes to put batteries in, plus two camera flashes, two video lights, and a bunch of other stuff (Zachary and Ryleigh toys).

Some days I wish I could buy stock in a battery company! I mean they’re needed for almost everything these days. So it would be a smart thing to buy such a stock, if only I had the money to really invest in stocks. One day we will have the money to do stuff like that, hopefully sooner than later.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve just been thinking about a ton of things lately and this was one of those things that made me wonder.

So do you ever have those “Do You Ever Wonder” moments? If yes, leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this.

Well it’s way too early to be up on a Saturday morning, it’s only 7:20am. Kevin got up hours ago to get up, dressed, and fed. He took on a weekend job for the extra cash. It sucks he won’t be home on the weekends anymore, but every little bit of money helps us reach our goals even faster. We’re closer and closer to our goal of getting rid of all of our credit card debt. Only 7 months until our anniversary (which is when I planned for us to be out from under our credit card debt). Once all that’s done, hopefully the Mayor of the town my husband’s “house” is in will have sold the house and we can start making more plans for our dream home.

Well I guess I should actually get out of my bed, get dressed, change diapers, and feed kids.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Losing Hope and Motivation

Some days are good days, while others just plain suck. I feel like I’m losing all hope and motivation to make it until we finally are able to have our dream home. Some days I wonder why we’re in this situation…then I realize it’s because my mother-in-law refuses to take responsibility for conning Kevin into buying a crappy “home” for her and his sisters 8 years ago.

I just want to scream and yell! But I know that will do no good. So I just keep my mouth shut, while letting Kevin deal with the situation. Ha. If you can call it dealing with it.

The house (property) is going up for sale again, this time the Mayor of the town the property is in is putting it up for sale. We’re crossing our fingers in hopes that we’ll be able to sell it this time. Maybe we can finally move on with our lives once this property sells…. All I can say is we will no longer be supporting ANYONE in Kevin’s family. I refuse to even help, because they way the take advantage of Kevin, our kids, and myself.

I keep putting on a happy face for my kids, but in all reality… I’m about to become the devil in disguise when it comes to my in-laws. UGH! Sorry, that sounds horrible, but I’m tired of them taking from our children and leaving us with nothing to support ourselves with.

Instead  of wallowing in frustration and pity because I’ve lost all hope and motivation in obtaining our dream home… I’m working on updating my photography website (here). I think I’m going to transfer it to WordPress like the rest of my websites/blogs (except one). But I’m not officially sure yet. I have a lot of ideas, needs, and concerns about what I want my website to do.

I know I missed this past Friday’s Recipe Post, but I’ve been so busy with the kids, school supplies shopping, and shopping for new kids clothes. School starts in just a few days! Yay! Maybe once we get back into a routine with the new school year, I’ll be able to do more with my blogs/websites (this one included).

Well I just wanted to post an update, because I haven’t posted in a while. I’m still alive, just losing hope and motivation.

Delancey Weekend Happenings
August 1 & 2, 2015

Are you wondering what we did this past weekend?  Well this is a post all about the Delancey Weekend Happenings. So read on…

So my best friends parents took my older three kiddos to church (they attend an LDS church) on Sunday, so Kevin and I could have a mini break from all 5 of the kids. So we took advantage of the “freedom” to go have breakfast with Zachary and Ryleigh.

We also went and bought Ryleigh a new playpen, along with some Thin Oreo’s! OMG they are amazing! If you haven’t tried them, you need to go out and buy some! Best Oreo’s EVER! But don’t let me bore you with reading a blog, just scroll down and watch the weekend vlog!


Check out the short video that we made for this weekends vlog!

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Date Night Edition! (video embedded at the end)

Kevin & I went out on Saturday night… without the kids. We went bowling and had a good time. Minus the fact that Kevin beat me 4 times and I only beat him once! UGH! He’s had way more time to go bowling than I have. He perfected his bowling skills while he was in the Marines and stationed in Japan.

None the less, we had about 2 1/2-3 hours of no kids whining or crying, which in itself was nice. We don’t get a lot of free time, so we do our best to enjoy what little time we get without kiddos.

We decided to record our date night and then on Sunday while running a few errands we recorded our conversation about Marraige/Relationships. What we think peoples biggest problems are and what our biggest problem is in our marriage/relationship.

I think I’m going to record another Victoria Vlog to upload this week, so I can discuss some things that have been bothering me lately.

Well here’s the video guys! I hope you enjoy mine and Kevin’s quirkiness in the convo video (this is how we are all the time).

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Thanks for Watching!