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Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, I was informed that Kevin would be going to Canada from 3/28-4/3. So we get to see him for Easter but won’t get to see him for Ryleigh’s 2nd birthday/ our 5th Wedding Anniversary. This is a really hard pill to swallow because he’s always been around for our anniversary. Not this year.

I was really looking forward to our 5th wedding anniversary. There was some talk of having portraits done, some of just the two of us and some with the kids (since we don’t have any decent family photos).  But that’s not going to happen now, at least not in the near future.

Kevin plans on having a talk with his boss today. Considering the fact that he requested to not be scheduled for anything on 4/1-4/3. In fact, his boss took him off the schedule for a New York City job site, then put him on this one all because Kevin is really good at the mechanical portion of his job, he’s still learning all the computerized and electrical portions of his job. If he’s so good at one portion of his job, but not ready to advance to a tier 3 employee they do offer a $2 increase… so he better be asking about that partial raise. Tier 3 isn’t so far out of reach for him. He just needs a few more months to get it all down. Remembering how to do things is Kevin’s problem. It takes him a little longer to remember things because he’s got horrible memory issues.

I just want to say that I’m extremely thankful that my husband has this job and that he’s willing to make sacrifices to provide for our family. But this was one day I had hoped we’d be able to be together. Instead, I get to celebrate our little girl’s birthday and my anniversary without my other half. It’s going to be extremely hard not to be upset/depressed. But it is what it is, life will go on. He’s doing all this so we can purchase our dream home.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on 4/2, but I know whatever it is won’t be with my husband. I’ll be spending it with my little ones. It’s a shame that we had a bunch of different plans for our Wedding Anniversary and the little bit of time we’d have together. Instead, it looks like all our plans have now changed.

Well, I have to go get the dishes and laundry done, then make a shopping list. It’s grocery day! Yay! I get to wrangle children while grocery shopping. Not exactly my favorite thing to do, but it’s my job as a stay-at-home mom. So that’s what I’ll be doing later today.

Hopefully, everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m going to try. Maybe this weekend Kevin and I will be able to video chat, he was in NYC last weekend working.

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