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How to Start Reviewing Products

Have you ever wondered about reviewing products? Well in this post, I will show you where and how to get started. So if you are really interested in learning about How to start reviewing products… just keep reading.

I just recently started reviewing products for Amazon purchases. I don’t get everything for free, but some things I do. I belong to two websites that you can use to start reviewing a multitude of products. It helps if you have Amazon Prime.

So let’s start with this site here…. This site does either free or a percentage of the product price (the seller decides the discount). You can only pick a certain amount of deals on this site at day. If you purchase in the morning, you have to wait until the afternoon to pick out another deal. I’ve personally only picked three deals off of this site, but so far I really like it. It’s definitely a legitimate site because I have received all three items I picked to review. I only paid a $1 or got the item for free. They don’t have a huge selection of items, but they have decent items to pick from.

Now, on to the second site…here! This site has a TON of items to pick from, in varying departments and varying price. I’ve gotten stuff ranging from beauty to sporting goods. I personally don’t get things I won’t use. The most I’ve paid for an item was $7. So all in all, I think it’s a great way to get products that I’ll use at a discount. It’s actually a ton of fun to scroll down the deals page and see what they have to review. In fact, I’ve already ordered, received and reviewed 5 items in the last 2 weeks. With 2 more reviews to do this week and 2 more items coming this week, as well.

I do these product reviews for fun. Again, I only get things that I will use. Mostly beauty products, home products (aka baking or cooking items), and a few other things like electronics. I don’t earn an income from doing these Amazon product reviews, but I am slowly earning an income via my blog. While it’s nothing but pennies at the moment, over time I hope to be making, at least, $500 a month. I want to be able to contribute more towards our household bills.

The reason I wanted to share this, is because these companies are looking for normal everyday people like myself to review their products to help them rank on Amazon in order to be seen on the first few pages of searches. The closer to the 1st spot in a search the more likely you are to purchase an item, which means more sales for the company.

Well, if you haven’t already head on over to those sites and sign up. It’s a great way to try new products for a discounted rate and all you have to do is leave a short review (or long, if you want) about the product.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today’s post about How to Start Reviewing Products! I know I sure have enjoyed talking about doing product reviews for Amazon Purchases.

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