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YouTube Break

For those that haven’t noticed, our family took a YouTube Break. Mostly because it’s not convenient for our current living situation. Which is a huge bummer. I was hoping to be able to vlog daily, but the people we live with just don’t feel comfortable with me showing their house to the entire world (well those who watch our videos).

It’s been a month or so. I’m really sad that we’re unable to put up more videos at this time. But I just don’t want to risk getting told we have to move, we really were trying to save up for our dream home. We’re still waiting for Kevin’s 1st house to sell (now that the Mayor; who is also a Realtor convinced him to put it back on the market for another year).

We’ve been applying for Contract jobs for Kevin (ones that require overseas travel for months at a time) and for other jobs all throughout the CONUS. We’re still waiting for the right job to come along. But we’re still trying all avenues. Kevin was offered a job, but the pay wasn’t what it needed to be. It was only $2 more an hour, but it was a longer drive which meant more money in gas, it had different hours which meant he wouldn’t be home for dinner with the kids, plus he’d be stuck in rush-hour traffic both ways (to and from work). So it was just one of those things that we had to really talk about. There’s talk of him getting a raise, since he’s been with the same company for over a year now. While it won’t be a huge raise, all the extra money he earns will go right towards paying off our debts (credit card, student loans, and personal loan).

We were originally trying to use our YouTube videos to earn a little bit of extra money to put towards our debts and savings for our dream home. But it obviously takes time to do all that. It takes time to gain subscribers, to gain video views, etc. Eventually whenever everything falls into place for our family, we’ll be able to start vlogging on a regular basis again.

I will be able to make videos that are beauty related and sit-down vlogs on my other channels, but I need to re-organize our room in order for me to do that. Which will take me a few weekends. I need to buy a small desk (or have Kevin build me one that I can stain or paint) and a computer chair. I need to make it so I can use natural light for most of my videos. But as of right now we’re just going to have to play it by ear; as to how we want things set up.

Once I can finally start recording videos again in our room, I’ll be posting the videos or links to my channels here! So keep an eye out for them. But right now I’m just going to have to blog and post photos (if I can find the time to really sit down and photograph anything).

Well I have to go get some more laundry done. It seems I missed a few pieces of clothing for Zachary and Ryleigh when I did laundry yesterday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.