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Do you ever wonder how many batteries people go through in a day? A week? A month? A year?

I only wonder because I have 5 kids, myself and my husband to buy batteries for on a regular basis. 90% of my kids toys require batteries, 90% of my camera gear requires either AA batteries, watch batteries or specialty batteries. My kids video games require batteries (controllers or the handheld devices).

I buy batteries like once a week because the kids Xbox 360 controllers are wireless, the Wii remotes require batteries, and I’m not really sure if their PlayStation 4 controllers require batteries or now (I don’t pay enough attention to the video game systems). Not to mention we have 3 cable remotes to put batteries in, plus two camera flashes, two video lights, and a bunch of other stuff (Zachary and Ryleigh toys).

Some days I wish I could buy stock in a battery company! I mean they’re needed for almost everything these days. So it would be a smart thing to buy such a stock, if only I had the money to really invest in stocks. One day we will have the money to do stuff like that, hopefully sooner than later.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve just been thinking about a ton of things lately and this was one of those things that made me wonder.

So do you ever have those “Do You Ever Wonder” moments? If yes, leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this.

Well it’s way too early to be up on a Saturday morning, it’s only 7:20am. Kevin got up hours ago to get up, dressed, and fed. He took on a weekend job for the extra cash. It sucks he won’t be home on the weekends anymore, but every little bit of money helps us reach our goals even faster. We’re closer and closer to our goal of getting rid of all of our credit card debt. Only 7 months until our anniversary (which is when I planned for us to be out from under our credit card debt). Once all that’s done, hopefully the Mayor of the town my husband’s “house” is in will have sold the house and we can start making more plans for our dream home.

Well I guess I should actually get out of my bed, get dressed, change diapers, and feed kids.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.