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It’s a Sauna in Here!

I was trying to get ready for my dentist appointment for this afternoon. With all the kids home and only me here to keep an eye on them, I have to do things in stages. So I decided to start with my hair. I put Ryleigh in her playpen, grabbed my hair straightener and went to the bathroom so I had a mirror. I turned my straightener on it’s max setting of 400 degrees because I have thick, coarse hair. I started sectioning off my hair and combing through it to get all the knots out. Once I got through the first layer of hair, it was already a sauna in the bathroom with the door open and the exhaust fan on!!!

I made it to the top layer of hair (my fourth section of hair) and just couldn’t take it any longer. The sweat was just rolling down my back. Ugh, I hate that feeling! Yuck! Sad part is, I just got a shower this morning before the kids got up! I have to get a shower every morning because the moment we get in our room every night, is the moment we start sweating! It’s like a sauna in there too!

I wasn’t even in the bathroom with the door open for 10 minutes and it pretty much instantly became a sauna.

The kids spend most of their time in their room, I spend a lot of time in mine and Kevin’s room because that’s where my computer is located. I have all my editing software for photos and video on it. So I tend to spend a lot of time there. Kevin spends a lot of time in the living room with Zachary and Ryleigh because it has the most space for them to run and play.

It’s so hard living in someone else’s home and not being able to make changes to the heating and air conditioning settings for fear of upsetting/pissing someone off. We’re going to have to draw the line somewhere, I can’t take living in a sauna for another year! We’re used to having our A/C set down to 64 degrees at night and max of 70 degrees during the day when we were in Virginia.

The temperature of this house is killing me, I’m tempted to go get my hair cut. I’m tired of dealing with all this hair, with the heat, and these kids! One less thing for me to worry about, all I’ll have to do is run a brush through it, a take all of 5 to 10 minutes using my hair straightener instead of 30+ minutes trying to straighten it all!

In about two hours, I’m going to try and get Ryleigh down for a nap so I can go put on makeup. Hopefully that won’t take me too long. As I don’t want to spend 20 more minutes in a sauna.

While this is a stressful living situation for my kids, my husband and myself; we are very thankful that we have a place to live for the time being. We’re trying not to over-stay our welcome, but it’s getting close. Our anxiety levels are through the roof and our marriage is starting to suffer a little bit.

We were really hoping to be out of here before the school year starts in August 2015, but I’m not sure that it’s going to happen. We’re still hoping for the best and doing all that we can to make that happen.

Well I’d better go finish my hair. Head on over to our YouTube Channel, leave a comment, rate and subscribe! Subscription is free! So click that button, so you can see what’s happening in the Delancey  Family’s Journey to Home-Ownership!

Canon Vixia HF R600

For the last month or so, Kevin and I have been discussing the idea of buying a new “vlog camera” that doesn’t have a retractable lens.
I have a little FujiFilm FinePix Z90.. but it has a few drawbacks.
The FinePix Z90, has a slide down face plate that covers the lens, this also is how it’s turned on. If I left this in my purse to capture snippets of video of my little ones, 90% of the time the battery was dead when I went to use it. It was always opening in my purse, draining the battery, and of course I didn’t know it.
It’s a decent “vlog” camera. It’s a shame that it doesn’t allow me to change more settings, but for less than $50 (before taxes)… it isn’t horrible. Plus, if you’re known for breaking cameras, this would be one of those you could easily replace because of it’s cost. If you’re just getting into vlogging this could also be a cheaper way to see if you like making videos.
Right now, I’m still waiting for the Canon Vixia HF R600 to charge. It takes 5 hours and 35 minutes according to the instruction manual. So I can’t really say how I feel about it just yet. But the reason we bought a camcorder versus a compact digital camera is because it doesn’t have a retractable lens. Once a retractable lens gets off track, the camera is basically useless. So you’re out about $110+ for a Canon PowerShot Elph model. The other reason we bought a camcorder over a compact digital camera (point and shoot) is because the majority of them do not have articulating screens. So you can’t see if you’re in focus or if you’re in the video or not.
From time to time, I may use the FujiFilm FinePix Z90 as long as the battery is charged. Maybe I’ll use it for when I go out by myself, I can vlog without having to carry the camcorder. We’ll see, it mainly depends on the difference in the quality of the video footage between the Z90 or the HF R600.
If you’re a vlogger, what’s your favorite camera/camcorder/phone to record your videos with? I’d really love to know, so leave me a comment below!


You should check it out, if you haven’t already!

We’re the Delancey’s! We have 5 crazy awesome kids (you can see all of them in the video above). This is our life and no matter how crazy it can be at times, we do our best to enjoy all the ups and downs.

The only thing we’d change is not having a place to call home! If only we can find a home builder to help us achieve our dreams of home ownership of a house that is safe for our children and that fits our needs when it comes to our family size.

Please help us make Delancey Dream Home a reality instead of a dream!

We don’t expect to receive things for free, we want to work for them! As you can see, I (Victoria) have some skills when it comes to creating videos. I think I could have done way better if I had brought out the tripod to give my shots a more steady look. I’m still working on learning some awesome transitions from one clip to the other. But I’m working on it. It’s hard to work when your computer is in your bedroom and you spend more time in a common room of the house because of the kids.

Once we get a house of our own, I’ll be able to edit without any problems because I’ll be putting the desktop in the room our family spends most of our time. That way I can edit while the kids play, watch t.v. and nap. But for now all my editing time is in the evenings after Kevin gets home and after we have dinner, weekends, or early mornings when the kids are still in bed.

I was thinking about learning iMovie so I could edit in other rooms, but I want all my videos to be edited with the same software. That way the all have the same look and feel to them. Plus I really like Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (yes, it’s old but its mine and I like it).

This weekend I’ll be working on our regular video intro.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some more fun footage of this weekend’s festivities, maybe a trip to get some ice cream, watch some fireworks, etc. Although I’m not sure how the fireworks are going to work out because little miss Ryleigh doesn’t handle loud noises well when she’s awake. So we may not get to see fireworks. If we can’t go see the fireworks, we’ll do some sprinklers & something else fun for all the little ones (an art project).

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Living the American Dream

While Kevin and I want to live the American Dream, right now we’re far from living the American Dream. Days like today, make me miss our military life so much. Granted, we didn’t have a house that was ours, it was just a rental. But we had a place to temporarily call home. A place where our kids had space to play, space to grow and learn, and space to call their own.

Right now the kids have no space to do much of anything, no space to run, craft, play video games with the Kinect (xbox360) that they got for Christmas while we were still in Virginia (2012) or the Wii. There isn’t much of a backyard for them to play in, so they don’t get to go outside very often. The kids hate being in the house all the time. Our oldest son wants a tree house, our youngest son and daughter would enjoy a swing set with slide, all the kids would enjoy a little above ground pool during the spring and summer months. Kevin would love to have a place to entertain and grill (an outdoor pizza oven would be a nice thing to have as well). I’d love to have somewhere to plan my lilac bushes (all three of them), some morning glories, and a few little trees where we can hang some bird feeders. I’d love to have a gazebo, as well so I can use that for some portrait photography sessions.

In all reality, we just want a place to call home. A place of our own. We just want a roof over our heads, that has enough bedrooms & bathrooms that isn’t riddled with asbestos and lead based paint for our family of 7. Then we’ll be living our American Dream. Everything else is just a bonus for us. Having lived in military housing with the basic bare minimum for living arrangements, everything else is just an upgrade for us. Not a necessity, but a luxury.

I just hope we’ll be able to live our American Dream sooner than later. Our kids need the space to grow, play, and learn. Kevin and I need the space for our sanity, ha. Living with someone else, plus our 5 children has been a challenge. I’d love to see our kids cut back on the arguing because they don’t have any space to call their own. I’m dying to give them all their things back that are in storage.

I just want to give our kids some normalcy back. I’d also like to have some normalcy back in my life.

Right now, we feel like we’re stuck in limbo land with nothing to call our own. Hoping that things will change so we can finally start living our lives the way we want to live them. All we need to do is find a home builder that can help us achieve our goal of home ownership.


YouTube Earnings

Since I just posted my first two videos on YouTube under Delancey Dream Home’s Channel, my YouTube earnings are very small. But as time goes on, I gain subscribers, more views, and more; our YouTube earnings will increase. I posted our first video 1 week ago and have made an entire PENNY! While this may not seem like much, but that money will add up and will eventually be part of the way we pay for our dream home.

Everyone is always curious about others YouTube earnings. I’m guilty of this because I know YouTube can be a lucrative way to earn money, while still being home with my children. Everyone’s earning potential is different because it rests on so many different factors (i.e. what ads are playing or posted on/near your video, how many views you get, how many people click those ads, etc). It’s all a game of numbers. But if you know how to come up with good content, how to get your videos seen, produce good quality videos, and gain loyal subscribers/viewers.. then you should have no problem earning big bucks in no time at all.

So what are we going to be doing with our YouTube Earnings? Well right now they are so small that they’re just going to add up in my Adsense account, until they reach the payout amount set. Right now I have mine set for $500 instead of the $100 threshold that Adsense has already set up. I will probably be changing the threshold to a higher amount once I start earning more money, that way I’m not touching it until we are ready to use it for our dream home. I also have my Adsense account set up for my blogs (I have 5 blogs; all have different niches). Plus I have 4 other YouTube Channels set up with my Adsense account. So as my YouTube Channels grow, my YouTube earnings grow. As my blog traffic increases, my earnings form my blogs grows. Now none of this will ever make me rich (unless somehow one of my videos goes viral). I can dream, right? 😉

So what am I doing to help increase my YouTube Earnings? Well I’m starting off by researching videography tips on YouTube. This is a great resource for learning DIY things regarding videography/filmmaking. Being a photographer, I already have the basics for filmmaking/videography. I have the cameras, the lighting, the tripod, and more.

The next thing people need to learn is how to title, tag their videos, and where to post their videos so they will rank high in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc) and on YouTube. Video SEO (YouTube SEO) is an important part of getting your video seen. People have to be able to find it. If your video shows up on the first search page on YouTube, you’re more likely to get more views than someone who is on page 3 or beyond. People don’t like to really search for things, they want it all right on the first page. So YouTube SEO is important. I’m still learning, researching, and trying out new ways to rank my videos and blogs. But soon I hope to be on Google’s 1st page for all of my blogs & YouTube channels. I’ll take what I can get for right now.

So as you can see YouTube Earnings are based on lots of different figures and variables. So while I may have earned a penny in one week, someone may earn $1 in a week. Now I can’t discuss anymore than how much I earn. Meaning I can’t tell you what my CPM, RPM, etc. All I can tell you is that it really takes time, dedication, knowledge, and know-how. If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, don’t just jump in and expect to make money right away. Do your research, create content that people will want to watch, and just be yourself.

Thanks for stopping by to see what Delancey Dream Home’s first penny earned on YouTube.



Kitchen Accessories

Today’s post is about kitchen accessories that I want in my dream home. Hey a girl can dream, right? There’s nothing more fun than being able to dream big. So that’s what I’ll keep doing. I’ve always been a big dreamer.


Let’s start off with the necessities of a parent… Coffee/Latte Machine
I’m dying to get my hands on the Capresso Espresso & Cappuccino Machine. It runs about $120-$130 on Amazon. But if you’re into lattes and cappuccinos this machine is for you. While you may spend a little more money in the beginning to buy this machine, you’ll save yourself in the long run if you don’t go to your local coffee shop every day. My local Dunkin’ Donuts costs almost $7 for two medium lattes. Kevin and I get coffee at least 6 days a week. That’s over $160 a month, that’s not including days we get coffee in the morning and the afternoon (there are a few days like that each month). Just buying this machine, you’ve saved about $30 to $40. You can spend that on coffee beans/coffee, grinder (if you buy whole beans) and the Torani flavored syrup to make your lattes.
After living in our temporary home in Virginia (while Kevin was in the military), I’ve become one of those people who wants to be organized. If you know me from way back when, you’ll know that I used to love organized chaos. Well when it comes to my pantry, I want to be able to find things easily, plus that prevents me from overbuying if I know exactly what I have. So having some of these for soups, canned veggies, kids lunch stuff when off school, etc. I also like the fact that I can see exactly what is on the rack. Well worth the $26, if you want to be organized.
A Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer! Now I already have one of these, it’s currently sitting in storage in it’s original box. Kevin is one of those people who keeps the boxes for all the appliances and televisions for when we move (that’s the Marine in him coming out; always preparing for a move). My mom has had her Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer for as long as I can remember and then some. I’m 30 years old and that bad boy still runs like a champ. I think my mom got it as a wedding gift; so that means it’s about 38 years old. I had wanted one of these mixers since I was a mother myself, but didn’t get one until my second wedding anniversary with Kevin (in 2013). So my mixer is only two years old and has been in storage for almost a year. I’d really love to use it again, but I need a house to put it in. Hopefully soon, we’ll be able to get our dream home.
A new set of T-fal cookware. I cook a lot. When you have 5 kids and a husband who loves to eat, you need to cook a lot of food for each meal. Plus I got used to cooking for a few of the single Marines Kevin worked with while we were in Virginia. Breakfast on the weekends consists of pancakes/French Toast, hashbrowns, bacon & sausage, and sometimes eggs. Dinners are usually things like chicken/crab cakes/ground beef , a fresh steamed veggie, and biscuits, etc. So a new set of cookware would be nice.
This T-fal deep fryer would be nice to make homemade french fries, potato chips, and onion rings. Not to mention, it would be great for homemade chicken tenders, crab cakes, and more. Plus it’s not overly expensive (about $53), it would pay for itself quickly, since we won’t be going out to get fast food. Now I wouldn’t be using this every day, it would be more of a treat (or when a craving strikes).


These are just a few of the items I would love/plan on having in my dream kitchen. These are normal everyday kitchen accessories that the average person might have in their home, so they are very affordable and easily found online or in-stores.

Disclaimer: *These links (& photos) are our Amazon affiliate links. I do make a small percentage off of the purchase of any of these items once you click on the links.*

Hot Cocoa & Early Morning Soccer

We’re up way to early for Summer break, but when your 3 year old and your 1 year old get up before the sun comes up, you get up with them. They’ve been changed, dressed, and fed. Now they’re both content playing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on DVR.

I’m sitting here with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, watching Zachary (our 3 year old) kick his new soccer ball around the room. No matter how early he or Ryleigh wake me or Kevin up, we cherish every moment we get with them. Because these little moments won’t last forever and tomorrow is never promised.

Since it’s pretty quiet in the house, I thought I’d post a new blog. I know I’ve wrote one everyday for the last few days. But things have really been on my mind now that the kids are home for Summer Break. I’m also surfing the web, looking at furniture for our dream home. As much as I don’t want to buy new furniture, I know that our old furniture won’t fit in with a new home. It may be saved for the basement, so the kids can use it. If anything gets spilled on it, it won’t be a problem. But for the main portion of the house, I want to buy new couches/loveseats/chairs. I want to DIY a farmhouse style dining room table with benches on the long side instead of chairs. I’ll have to get Kevin a table saw, because we don’t have the space for one of those at the moment.

Once we get our dream home, we’re going to make the kids custom loft beds, with a couch, desk, and shelf-unit. So they have more space to move in their rooms. Plus they can have somewhere to sit when they watch T.V., somewhere to do homework, etc. Hopefully, we can find some corporate sponsors to help us reach our goal of home-ownership.

Well since it’s Summer break, I guess I should make a nice breakfast for the other kiddos. They only eat cereal and pop-tarts during the school week. So now I need to step my mommy-game up and make them something delicious in the mornings. Since I have some time before they get up, I think I’ll make some homemade cinnamon buns (Cinnabon Style) with cream cheese icing.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. We’re going to try and make the best of the day.


Dream Home Wishlist

Most people have a Dream Home Wishlist, so here is ours…

  • Basement with carpet and dimmable recessed lighting so the kids can have a media room/playroom
  • Upper Level Laundry room (cannot be a stackable washer/dryer; Kevin and I are only 5′ 4″ tall)
  • 2.5+ bathrooms
  • 6 bedrooms (so each kid has their own room)
  • No carpet on main living level (dark hardwood all throughout the main living level to give it a nice flow)
  • Large Kitchen with island (lots of counter space) preferably with Eat-in kitchen area that opens up to the family room
  • Gas Range
  • Garbage Disposal
  • White Cabinets (including the bathrooms); lots of cabinets (some with glass fronts with lighting inside)
  • Mid-tone Granite Counter tops for kitchen
  • Double sink in kitchen
  • Double Vanity in Master Bathroom
  • Garage (mostly for storage; 4 wheeler & trailer, upright freezer, kids bikes and outdoor toys, etc)
  • Sunroom (so I can blog and drink my morning coffee while the kids get ready for school)
  • Walk-in Pantry with Lazy Susan corner shelves.
  • Rev-a-Shelf for my Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Rev-a-Shelf for pots and pans
  • Chair rail throughout the main living level
  • Stairwell’s that we can install baby gates at the bottom and top to prevent kids from falling down the stairs
  • French Doors that lead into the living room (this room will be used as a photography studio/makeup room/and YouTube filming room
  • Large Windows
  • Fenced in back yard for Dog & kids

Since this is our dream home, we can dream big. I just have to find a way to be able to afford our dream home.

I hope you enjoyed our dream home wishlist. Please check out our Pinterest account for visual ideas of what we want our dream home to look like.


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Not the Only Ones

I know we’re not the only ones who have slipped through the cracks after getting out of the military. We sure won’t be the last to slip through the cracks either. It’s a shame that the men and women who serve our Country are forced out with nothing to fall back on but a little bit of money and 6 months worth of medical insurance. Hell they only get 2 years worth of MWR benefits (gas station on base, commissary, bowling/movie theater, Exchange, and possibly the gym), if they even live near a military base to use those benefits.


It’s so hard to watch as our Veterans struggle to find jobs that can support them and their families. The Marines don’t get certifications for certain “jobs” that they do, like Kevin. His MOS was an 1142 ( Small Engine Repair Specialist; a.k.a Generator Technician). While there are Generator Technician jobs all over the CONUS; Kevin doesn’t have some of the certifications that companies want. No Certifications= no job. Even tho’ he has 10 years of experience and he works hard, it means nothing to them.


I wish there was a way for Kevin and I to help other Veterans that are going through the same thing we’re going through right now. If I could start a Non-Profit to give to veteran families and individual veterans that are struggling to make ends meet, then I would. But I just don’t have the means to start such a project at the moment. Kevin and I would do anything to help others that are feeling like we do these days.

As each day passes Kevin and I feel like we’re failures for not being able to purchase a home for our family. Our children don’t have the space they’re used to having, 90% of our items are in a storage unit in Maryland collecting dust while wasting money, and we’re just not happy with our living arrangements.


Life is too short to be unhappy all the time. Life is to short to not enjoy the little things in life. But the thing is… all the things we keep trying to do in order to give our kids a better life keep falling through. It’s beyond frustrating. I’d rather be posting updates about how awesome our new house is, or what new DIY project we’re doing, or what craft project the kids have done, or what we’re baking/cooking, etc. I know Kevin and I aren’t perfect and that we’re doing the best we can for our family, but it still hurts to feel like we’re failures.


I would never say that I feel like a failure in front of my kids, but I do feel like a failure. I should have used my time as a stay-at-home mother to further my education, to dedicate more time to saving money by clipping coupons or finding better deals on things I buy regularly. Or I feel like I should have found a job that I could do from home, or found a way to make money blogging sooner than I did. Some days I wish I was more “popular” online so I can earn money through YouTube and Blogging, or that I became well known for my photography skills. But at this point in my life, it’s obviously not meant to be like that. I have to find a way to earn money that isn’t illegal, but also isn’t as traditional as a regular job. I want to continue to be a stay-at-home mother as long as I can be because it’s what’s best for my children.


So in doing what’s best for my children, I’ve taken to social media to help my family. See I’m one of those people who love all things social media. Why? Because it allows me to express myself and to post creative things. It allows others to get to know me and allows me to meet people I wouldn’t meet every day. Social media has so much diversity in it’s users that it allows people to meet that normally wouldn’t cross paths.


I may not be the perfect journalist (my grammar and punctuation are lacking at times), but that shouldn’t stop me from blogging. People get better with practice. I’ve been blogging since Myspace and Xanga days.


I want to get out of this rut of feeling like a failure. I want to show my kids that they can do anything they set their little hearts and minds to doing. So Kevin and I will keep on pressing forward and doing whatever we can to get our family a home to call our own.


We’re hoping to find a Corporate Sponsor or a home builder to help us achieve our goal of home-ownership. We’re willing to work hard for what we want in life. I’m here to turn our failures into a big, bright future for our children.


We don’t want to feel like failures anymore.