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Remaining Stagnant

For the last 2 years, I have been in this funk or a rut. I feel like I am remaining stagnant. The longer I am here, the more I feel like I am unable to get out of this funk. I feel alone here. I feel tired. I just don’t feel myself. By remaining stagnant, I am not helping my children. I’m tired of submitting to this awful feeling.

So what does remaining stagnant have to do with anything? Well, I’m currently conditioning my mind to start over with our move, our new house, and all the space we’ll have available to us.

I’m really looking forward to being in Loudoun County. The schools in our area have great ratings. So I’m looking forward to them getting settled in and growing roots for the first real time in their lives. We know our house isn’t our dream home, so this is just a starter home. We plan on being there for about 10 to 12 years, while paying off the house. Once we’ve paid it off, we can use it for rental income and we can then move forward to buying our dream home (even if that means that we have to have one built for us).

I’m already trying really hard to eat better, but that really isn’t going to do much for me if I’m not active. Being here has ruined any kind of motivation I’ve had to lose weight, to better myself as an individual, etc. So I’m ready to get moving and get this show on the road. For the sake of my children I need to get back to the old me. I cannot keep on this path of remaining stagnant, my kids deserve the best.

By starting fresh in a new place, I’ve got to explore. I’ll be setting up a small home gym in the garage. Treadmill, punching bag, weight bench, free-weights, etc. All of which I have either in storage or my brother has offered to me since he is not using them anymore. So I have no reason not to workout once we move and I set everything up. I just will have to get up at 4am with Kevin. I’ll be working out and he’ll be getting ready for work.  I’ll be able to take my laptop out to the garage for some music and/or to use for BeachBody Workouts Videos.

I’ll also be spending more time doing things other than sitting on my butt. I have to be more active if I wish to lose weight and keep it off. I have to eat healthier and actually stop skipping meals. So I’ve already got containers for meal prepping, I have two digital kitchen scales to weigh my proteins for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. I have a Ninja Blender to make shakes. I’m doing everything I can to set myself up for success from the get go. We just have to get into our new home. If I start out on the right foot, then I think I’ll be able to keep myself on track.

We’re going to cut back on eating out (me not wanting to cook, so I order pizza) and also cut way back on my soda consumption. I’m also going to start buying a massive amount of fresh veggies and shrimp, so I can steam them daily for my lunches and dinners. Basically, I’m doing everything I can to keep myself motivated and preparing for the changes ahead.

There will be no option for me to allow myself the opportunity to continue to remain stagnant. I am moving away from this place and cannot wait to reunite with our family. We’re moving on to bigger and better things. I’m moving on to a better and healthier me! I just have to survive the next few weeks of “torture” and then we should be smooth sailing.

I know that there will be a time where I post a “before & after” photo. But I will probably also post during photos! But only time will tell. At this time, I cannot make any promises, as I don’t want to let anyone down.



Waiting Game Again

Are we really playing this waiting game again? I think so… UGH! I’ve never bought a house before and we’ve never gotten this far into the home buying process in the last 2 years. Mostly because Kevin didn’t make a sizeable enough income to support two mortgages. Now that Kevin does make enough income; without using his overtime or per diem, I’ve been able to really get some insight that I didn’t have when we tried to start this journey.

Once we realized that Navy Federal Credit Union was unable to get their figures correct, provide us with the proper information or get the information I had given them correct that we would be using another bank. So we decided on Wells Fargo. Our buyer’s agent hooked us up with her mom, who just so happens to be a mortgage consultant at Wells Fargo. So We’ve been getting great service from Wells Fargo. I truly can’t say good enough things about Wells Fargo and our mortgage consultant.

This waiting game again, is really getting on my nerves. Right now we’re waiting on the VA Appraisal. Once that is submitted, as far as I know the underwriting department looks it over and decides if the house is worth what we’re paying for it, if not then we’ve got to start over and we’ve already put about $1,300 into this process already. Fees that we don’t get back if our contract goes to shit!

Right now, we’re on business day 8 out of 10. So hopefully by Monday the VA Appraiser has done their job and writes up their report and submits it to our bank before the close of business on May 20, 2016. With a VA loan there are certain stipulations, for example ALL of our documents have to be in our file for 14 business days before we can go to closing. That means all the inspections (pest/termite, water test, VA appraisal) and all of our income related documents, our bank statements, etc. I honestly think that the process may have been easier if we hadn’t used Kevin’s VA loan. But then we would have need at least 3.5% down for a down payment. Which right now, just wasn’t possible for us, so we just went with the option that was best suitable for our family and our financial situation.

I will say that it hasn’t been a horrible process now that we’ve chosen the proper bank for us. Right now, we have our conditional approval. Just waiting on the paperwork from the appraisal to be uploaded and then play another portion of the waiting game again!

It’s a rough spot to be in, mostly because we’ll be leaving for the East Coast shortly before closing and with either stay with my sister or just go visit friends in Virginia that are still active duty. Until we close we’ll be in limbo. So we’re really trying to wait until the last minute to leave here and head to the Maryland/Virginia area.

Man, I still think about all the times I said I hated the Virginia area and how much I wanted to be back in Maryland. I guess I felt so isolated from the “real world” when we lived on base. But now, I’m chomping at the bit to move back. I can’t wait. We’ll be close enough to visit family again. I’m dying for the family interaction again.

Well I’m headed out the door to go get some milk. I forgot to buy some yesterday while I was grocery shopping. I was so focused on getting out of the store without wanting to rip my hair out. If anyone has young children, they you understand my dilemma when it comes to shopping with them. Their hands are always touching things, they want to whine and cry, ask for things I haven’t paid for yet, etc. So I rushed and missed a few things I needed.

In the meantime, wish us luck and that this appraisal process is quick and painless.




Changing Mortgage Lenders

So last week we had to change mortgage lenders. Our original choice for our mortgage loan was Navy Federal Credit Union. But that didn’t last long! We had the worst experience with them, that I’ll explain in this post. So at the last minute, we had to change lenders and decided to go with Wells Fargo. Changing mortgage lenders is not something we had planned on doing, but it has all worked out well.

Talk about stressful and a huge fiasco. We started our loan process with Navy Fed on March 11th, 2016. It took more than 3 business days for them to assign us a loan officer and then 2 more business days to even contact us. Our original loan officer was extremely rude, she basically told me that my husband doesn’t make enough money and that we needed to sell his Maryland property (like we haven’t already tried). She didn’t want to run the numbers, she didn’t want to listen to a single thing I was saying. She was basically not interested in helping us. So I called back and had them change our loan officer. That took another 2 to 3 business days! Finally, a supervisor called me to talk about it. She gave me two options one without income from the Maryland Property and one with income from the Maryland Property. We took the easier option and decided to go without including income from the Maryland Property. So the supervisor offered us a specific amount at a rate of 3.375%. The next day the new loan officer calls me and tells me she has no idea what the supervisor did but they can’t offer us the amount that was told to me the day before. Nothing had changed, except we had paid off at least another credit card! So that should have been a good thing. But oh well…

Last Sunday, I got a phone call from our loan officer at Navy Fed, telling me that they had some questions about out file. They had things so backwards, had Kevin’s income wrong, etc. I totally lost faith in them to get things right. This is a HUGE purchase and I wasn’t about to let the stupidity of others ruin our chances of purchasing our 1st home together.

So I emailed our agent and asked what I should do… She immediately called me and said well my mom is a loan officer at Wells Fargo and has been for 13 years. My agent called her mom and gave her the details and her mom called me. We were on the phone for almost 2 hours on Monday afternoon. By Monday night, she had submitted our application and ordered our VA Appraisal. In less than 8 hours I had gotten the pre-approval, had our loan submitted for approval and ordered our VA inspection. Navy Federal was dragging their feet. We were coming up on two months of waiting. We already had everything else we needed like the ratified contract, etc.

I can’t say enough good things about the process and customer service with Wells Fargo’s Mortgage Department. It has been AMAZING, to say the least! I just can’t believe how user-friendly it is. Almost all of our documents have been signed electronically. Which is nice. I didn’t have to worry about printing, scanning and waiting for Kevin to sign them and send them back to me. It was SO EASY!

I also love how Wells Fargo has something called “yourLoanTracker”. It basically, shows you what needs to be done, what’s done/approved, etc. It allows you to easily track the process of your application and has all the information for Closing (once it’s been scheduled), etc.

Loan Tracker1

Complete Your Application- This section was for where you upload all your documents and then they approve or deny the files in which you upload to their system.

This is what our loan tracker looks like… Yes, these are screen shots of our actual loan tracker.

Loan Tracker2

Subcategories of Complete Your Application.

Loan Tracker3

Financial & Property Review and Subcategories

Loan Tracker4

Prepare to Close with subcategories

Loan Tracker5

At Closing and subcategories

Loan Tracker6

Manage Your Account and Subcategories

I just love how easy it is to glance at the website and see what needs to be done and what has been done already. By far this is the best way to keep a client/customer in the loop without them having to be up their loan officers butt!

If I log on to the site with my cellphone vs a computer, the phone will give me an exact percentage of how complete our loan process is. Right now we’re sitting at 20% for our entire loan process according to the mobile site.
2016-05-06 14.42.09It’s hard to believe that a company has made the mortgage process so dang easy! I’m absolutely amazed at how easily the Wells Fargo process has gone. From here on out I will recommend Wells Fargo’s Mortgage Department and I’ll be more than happy to refer others to our specific loan officer. She has been the best in this entire process. She’s turned our stressful situation into something easy and smooth.

Well I have a few things I need to do today like laundry and dishes (like always).

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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Moving Forward & Letting Go

This post is going to be a little personal today. Today we’re moving forward & letting go.
We’re headed on to the next step in our loan process. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to use a VA Mortgage loan, it’s not always an easy, quick, or pleasant process. The VA is 30-45 days behind on all their stuff. They’re overworked and understaffed, so it is taking a little bit of time to get to everyone’s requests and paperwork. So we’re right on track to close when we had originally planned! YES!

Right now our realtor has hooked us up with a great Home Inspector who can do the entire thing. Pest Inspection, Termite Inspection, etc. So we’re scheduling him to go out to the house as soon as possible. Then we have to get a VA Home Inspector to come out to the house to do the appraisal process. Then once all the paperwork is in our file, we can go to closing!!!! We’re so close! Just gotta make sure that everything with our actual home inspection goes to plan. Keeping our fingers crossed that there are no structural damages or anything that would cause us to back out of our contract.

The Coupon Clippers

While this house gets us into our own home, it is not in anyway shape or form our dream home. We’re going to pay off this home as quickly as we can so we can use the property as rental income in the future and have a home built for ourselves. This is our starter home! Being that we can realistically pay the home off within 10 years (we’re getting a really great deal), we know that we’re not stuck with this home for longer than we want to be in it!

So now that our house process is moving forward, we can start letting go. Letting go of things from our past. We’re going to downsize our possessions and make sure our home is only full of things that bring us happiness and joy. There’s no point in having things in our new home that drag us down. So out with the old and in with the new. Obviously, this will take time.

I’m really looking forward to being less scatterbrained all the time. I always felt more on top of my game, when we lived in Virginia. My brain just functioned so much better in my own home, even though I had a million and one different things that needed to be done every single day. We’re really ready to get back to our normal life with each other. We have a lot of time away from each other and Kevin’s been living in a hotel pretty much since he started this job in November. Granted, Kevin will still have to travel for his job, but 50% of the time he will be home at night with his family where he belongs!

I’m so ready for our lives to become normal again. I’m so ready to be able to catch up with old friends and actually be able to host holidays and parties. Plus once we move into our home I call the shots. I can make all the YouTube videos I want. I’m really looking forward to being able to post videos again. Lots of DIY videos to be done, ha ha ha. I’ve got so many ideas floating around my head that I just can’t think straight. I’m so ready for this house to be OURS!

So from here on out we’re moving forward & letting go!
I’ll be crossing my fingers for a good outcome to our home inspection and once that’s done if all went well, we move on to the VA Home Appraisal.  Keep checking back for updates as we have them!

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How to Make 13 Mortgage Payments in 12 Months

Have you ever wondered how you can easily take off years worth of payments and  save money on your mortgage? This method will save you thousands of dollars on interest payments. Well, today I’m going to tell you how to make 13 mortgage payments in 12 months.

Let’s use an even figure for a mortgage amount (this is not the cost of the house we have a contract on) so let’s go with $200,000 and I’ll use our interest rate of 3.375% (no points). I’m using a mortgage amortization calculator; here!

$200,000 for the price of the house over 30 years at 3.375% interest will cost roughly $118,309.28 just for the interest. So a grand total of $318,309.28 over 30 years!

So here’s how to make 13 mortgage payments in 12 months…

If the total cost of the mortgage loan was for $200,000 our mortgage payment would be around $885 (not including escrow; i.e. taxes and insurance). So take $885 and divide it by 12, which would equal out to be $73.75.  Now that you have the figure of $73.75 add that to your $885 and you’ll get $958.75.

By paying an extra $73.75 a month on your mortgage payment each month for the life of your loan will save you $16,527.18 and will shorten the life of your loan by 3 years and 8 months! And if you think about how much you’ll have after you’ve paid off your mortgage… in that 3 years and 8 months that you would have been paying your mortgage, you’ll be able to take that money and save it. That same $958.75 multiplied by 44 months would equal out to be $42,185 (that’s not including any interest earned if you put it in a high-yield savings account). That’s MORE than half the cost of a brand new Chevrolet Suburban!!!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be mortgage free? Our goal is to pay off our mortgage in less than 10 years. Do you think we can do it? I know we can. Just keep reading and see how long it takes us to pay off our mortgage. We’re really hoping that we’ll be in our house come Mid-June. But only time will tell; at this point.

My next post will be about finding extra money to put towards your mortgage payments. So make sure you check back in a few days!

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Planning for the Future

If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m into planning. I try and plan everything. I like concrete plans and details. It is just who I am. I used to be more go with the flow but having 5 kids really had gotten me to work towards a schedule, that way everyone gets to do things that they want to do. So I’m planning for the future, the near future.

I have spent the better half of 3 years fighting an uphill battle with my weight. Since I had Zachary in June of 2012, I have struggled to drop the excess weight I gained in 2011-2012. After having Ryleigh, I lost all of my pregnancy weight in 3 weeks! BUT I gained some of it back after moving. The stress really got to me, I couldn’t find the time to workout regularly. I always had an excuse. I’m tired of the excuses when it comes to my health. So I’m planning for the future, my future.

I have several goals that I want to achieve, but first and foremost, I want to be healthy for the sake of my children. I want to be more active with them. Airsoft wars with the little boy who gave me so much strength and taught me so much in the last 12 years. Gymnastics practice with my 1st daughter, the one I so hoped would be a little boy because I wasn’t ready to raise a daughter. I thought I’d somehow fail her as a mother because I grew up a tomboy. Dance classes with my spunky little spudlet. T-ball with my terror and tumbling with my littlest love. I want so bad to be able to keep up with them, but my body is telling me otherwise.

I need to get my physical health back on track, so I can be a more active part in their lives. No more excuses. The only thing that’s holding me back right now… is space.

So I’m planning for the future… making my plans, getting all my supplies, getting all my thoughts together and slowly working towards the day that I can start working out. My plans are to start working out within the first month after we move into our home. I like to start things on the 1st of a month, so if we move in as soon as we close then I’ll be starting on July 1st. If not, we’ll I start on the 1st day of the following month.

I’m ordering meal prep containers. I’m one of those people who will fix food for her kids and then not feed herself. So my goal is to prep my meals and snacs each morning while I’m dealing with the kids breakfast and school lunches (during the school year). I’m going to keep track of my eating, my exercise, my water intake (which is something I struggle with), and pretty much everything possible. I’d like to do videos for my Vlog channel, but we’ll have to see how that goes. I’m currently not recording any videos because I’m still searching for the software that I had on my desktop when it crashed. I had the disks somewhere, I just need to locate them.

If I want to get anywhere in my life and be a positive example for my children, I need to stop putting things off. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and my weight gain. I need to get off my ass and do something about it. Stop looking for quick fixes and just do the work… the hard work. It will all pay off in the end.

I need to stop stuffing my face with food that has very little nutritional value and actually eating clean. No more fast food, no more sodas (okay, okay… just once in a while I’ll drink a soda). I need to cut out the excess sugar and calories. I need to stop sitting on my ass all day and thinking it’s just going to disappear without me doing anything. Okay, so I really don’t think it’s going to disappear without me doing anything… in case you were wondering. I actually understand why I’m not losing weight. It’s because I’m stuck in the same rut, I’ve been in for almost 2 full years. I’m not sure if it’s untreated post-partum depression but somedays I don’t even want to get out of bed. Every day can be a struggle, but I want to change that. I want to move forward with my life. I want to be healthy, physically and mentally.

With the house we’re buying, I’ll be able to put the treadmill in the family room. So I can keep an eye on the littlest two while I workout. I also plan on using T25 since I already have it and once I’ve completed T25 at least once (maybe twice) then I’ll move on to Insanity.

I plan on investing in an Obsidian slideboard because it’s easy on the knee joints. My knees are really weak, so I’m hoping to work on strengthing my joints while losing weight. I also want to get Kangoo Jumps. I know… I know. Crazy fad toys to play with. But if it makes “exercising” fun, then I won’t realize just how much I’m working out and want to keep doing it. That makes it so much easier on me. I hate when working out feels like a chore. So if it’s fun, I’m in!

I’d also like to see about getting 22 Minute Hard Corps and Hammer and Chisel from BeachBody. Not all workouts are going to be fun or even easy. But these two will help me tone and gain muscle. I can’t do them all at once, but I think it would be nice to rotate between these two programs on a weekly basis.

I cannot give up this time. I know how I am. If I don’t see results pretty much immediately, then I give up. In my head, I know I shouldn’t give up when I don’t see results, but I just cannot help it. It’s frustrating, to say the least. I never really had a problem with my weight as an adult. In my mid-teen years, I took Kung fu classes with my brother, I walked to work before I got my license, I was really active. I went from weighing 178lbs in 2000 to weighing 130 lbs in 2001. At that time, I felt good in my own skin. Now… not so much! But after having 5 kids, I’m going to have loose skin… I’ll just have to get a tummy tuck when I drop all my excess weight and have kept it off for at least a year. Maybe that will be my 35th birthday present to myself (I better start saving now). I’m petrified of surgery and recovery, so I’m hoping that I can avoid surgery at all costs.

Because I am so impatient, I’m ready to move. I’m ready to start working out again. I’m ready to see some results on the scale and in the way my clothes fit. I’m not just about a # on the scale. But I do have an actual goal set for my weight. I also have a size goal set. That way, I’m not bound to either one of them. I just want to reach one of them. Whichever happens first.

I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for me, as I lose this excess weight. I’m looking forward to feeling happy with my physical appearance and the growth of my physical strength. Nothing but myself is stopping me from reaching my goals. I’m going to keep on planning for the future and my success.

Do you have any goals regarding your health or wellbeing? If so, leave me a comment below. I’d love to know that I’m not alone in my quest for better health.

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Meal Planning

Since we put in the contract on the house in March, I have been trying to figure out more ways to save even more money. Meal planning? Is it the key to saving extra money? That I’m not so sure yet. I will have to figure out what stores are in the area, figure out when their sales run for specific items and plan from there.

I already planned on stepping up my “coupon game”, not because we can’t afford to buy our groceries… but so we can put the money away for other things or pay off our debts. I think meal planning will be the key to not eating out as much as we have in the past.

With 5 kids, Kevin and I, our grocery budget will be between $400 – $600. Which is around what it is now. I personally would like to see our budget for groceries be around $300-$400 while using coupons and meal planning. If I can really make 20 dinners for around $120, then I’ll be able to feed our family for well under $400 a month. Now I know I’ll still need to buy things like cereal, milk, eggs, bread, flour, sugar, etc more often as I use them regularly. But if I can cut the bulk of the cost of our dinner meals down to $6 then I could do an entire month’s worth of dinners for about $180.

To me, there is nothing more rewarding than feeding my family a healthy home cooked meal, while saving money that we can use for other things that our family needs/wants.

Who would like to see meal planning posts in the future? I’m thinking a 30-day dinner crockpot meal plan. When we move into our home this summer we’re going to have to start all over as far as food things go. So when I go to the store, I plan on doing the bulk of the shopping at once. Mostly because I don’t know when Kevin will be home to either watch the kids or help me do the grocery shopping. So I want to get it all done as soon as possible and then go from there.

So is freezer/crockpot meal plans something that others would be interested in?

Leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do once we get into the house this summer. Maybe I’ll even put together a Crockpot Freezer Meal Cookbook with all of our families favorite meals for those on a budget.

Well, I’m off to run some errands now that I’ve gotten the little ones off to school.

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Beg Borrow and Save Wedding Edition

So after weeks of putting together my first book, “Beg, Borrow & Save: Wedding Edition”… It is finally up for sale on Kindle Direct Publishing.

I have never been more excited about anything than I am right now! The last 5 days took a toll on me while I was waiting for my book cover to be created by another artist. I will be writing a post on how I completed this book and how I found an artist to create the cover of my e-book.

The book is currently priced at $2.99 but in the very near future there will be a sale. It will be FREE for only 5 days from May 6th- May 10th! In honor of my oldest brother’s wedding, Mother’s Day & my 31st birthday.

I really enjoyed the process of writing this book and have put some of my best tips/tricks in it and hope that it will help others have the wedding of their dreams, even on a budget.

I’m getting ready to start working on my 2nd E-book which I hope to publish on May 9th. There has been something very rewarding in writing an ebook that I can self-publish via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Do you know anyone that is getting married in the near future? Maybe you should send them a link to the book. It’s affordable and informative. It’s witty and has some great out-of-the-box tips and tricks to save money while planning your dream wedding.

Well I’ve got some sick little ones at home today, so I figured that I’d just drop in and give all my wonderful readers the link to my book.

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Setting Goals

For the longest time, I’ve been setting goals and never achieving them. I’ve struggled for a long time with having the proper motivation to actually get things done. It doesn’t matter what it is… weight loss, writing a book, going to school, etc.

Recently, I was working on setting goals. A goal that could launch me into a better place in my life. I’m launching my 1st E-book on or around April 15th on Kindle Direct Publishing. I promise I’ll post a link to the book, so if anyone is interested that they can purchase it. I’m also going to promote it on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Setting goals that have any chance of getting completed by me are normally worthless goals. But this goal is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It’s finally done and I’m just making sure all my ducks are in a row, in order for me to launch the book.

I’m going to be setting a new goal for this book. I want to earn $100 (after Kindle takes their cut) as my first goal. So how much is the book going to be? $2.99! I only have to sell 48 e-books in order to reach my goal of $100. Why am I setting goals for my sales? Well because I would like to start earning an income with book sales. I have to give myself a goal in order to really push myself to promote the book. Plus, it’s good to know how many books you need to sell in order to reach a specific amount of money. I personally want to use this money earned to pay off the rest of our credit card bills, student loans, and the mortgage we’re about to get ourselves into.

Yes, I have high goals for paying off our debts. We’re obviously going to be putting money into our kids college funds. We still have about 6-7 years before our oldest goes to college. So we still have time to build up a large college fund. Once our credit cards bills and my student loans are paid off, we can dedicate all that money we were spending to our kids savings accounts. See we have extremely high goals. We’re going to reach them, all because we are responsible with our money.

I already have my 2nd book in the works. I just need to finally get my butt in gear and take the photos that need to go inside the book. All of my e-books will be priced accordingly, yet still be affordable. So between $2.99 and $9.99. This will allow me to earn decent money as long as my books are selling. Again, I will have to promote my books online. So we’ll have to see how well that goes. I know I’m not guaranteed to make any money, but I’m hoping that all my hard work, promoting and such will work itself out and allow me to reach my goal.

If you’ve got a goal that you’d like to achieve, then stop waiting and start working towards whatever your goal is. No matter how big or small, achieving your goals should be important and you shouldn’t let anyone hold you back.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the post with a link to my book.
I’m really excited about finally reaching this goal.

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Under Contract

I know that I shouldn’t jinx it, but we put in a contract on a house before Kevin left for Canada on March 28th. While he was still in Virginia, I found a phenomenal buyers agent, who just so happens to be a husband and wife team licensed in several states, Virginia being one of them. They met with him the same day I called to talk to them. So our house (which isn’t our dream home or our forever home) is UNDER CONTRACT! EKKKK!

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It was such a pain in the ass. I had to print, sign, scan and email back all the documents, then Kevin had to sign them. We were doing all this stuff over video chat. Kevin and the realtors took me on a tour of the house via Verizon’s HD Video Calling. I love how technology has evolved since I was a kid. So I got to see the whole house without being there. We had originally planned to have them go see two other houses, but one had a contract submitted earlier in the week, the listing just hadn’t updated online. So we were down to two houses to look at. While Kevin was with them discussing the other property we were interested in, they already had shown the property to someone recently and said that the house had a musty odor. Now those that don’t know, Kevin worked for a general construction company doing home remodeling. So he knows without even going to the house that there was potential mold issues with the 2nd property we were interested in. SO … they just went ahead and looked at our 1st choice in houses and we decided that it would be best for us to go with the first house. Great location, great schools, close to Kevin’s office (within his 30 mile travel allowance for work). We’ll be close enough to travel and see both of our families within 2 hours; depending upon traffic of course. Ugh, we just moved from the NoVA area almost 2 years ago and now we’re heading back there willingly. It seems like we can’t stay away from Virginia. Ha ha ha.

The house needs a little bit of work, nothing that Kevin, the kids and I can’t handle. Mostly some drywall work, some trim work, and could use some new appliances. We’ll have a yard. In fact we have enough land to have a small veggie and fruit “garden”, plus the property already has a flower garden near the front of the house. I think we’re going to have a raised fruit bed and a raised garden for potatoes. If anyone knows me, they know the way to my heart is potatoes. I love mashed, fries, hash browns, baked potatoes, au gratin potatoes, etc. Having my own potato garden will be nice. It will save us a little bit of money in the long run and we’ll have fun teaching the kids how to grow their own food.

Now obviously, nothing is set in stone yet as we haven’t gone to closing. Just putting this out there, that we have a house under contract it all makes me extremely anxious. Financially we are all good to go, just continuing to do what we’ve been doing. Paying off and/or down credit cards, our personal loan, my student loans and then putting money in savings. Every little bit helps.

Five years ago, I never would have thought our lives would have changed so much in such a short period of time. Kevin and I are about to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary (most likely via Skype as he’ll still be in Canada) in TWO DAYS! Holy cow where has the last 5 years gone. It feels like yesterday when I married my best friend. In that 5 year time frame, we have had two kids together, his military career was cut short due to budget cuts and troop draw down, he took the first job he could get regardless of the fact that it paid 52% less than his military pay (including his BAH). Now Kevin’s got his dream job, we’re getting ready to close on a house this Spring/Summer. The kids finish up school here in May, so we plan on trying to close on the house before the next school year starts, just getting Kevin the time off to help me pack and move our things is going to be the hard part. We’ve just got to keep our fingers crossed and not do anything stupid…like go out and apply for new credit cards, car loans, or anything like that.

I’ve been so anxious about this house being under contract that when I got the email notification that the house we put in the contract for was now under contract, my heart sank. Ha ha ha. It took me a minute to realize that it was us. I was just so stressed out and it was a momentary lapse of mental clarity, or maybe I just needed more sleep. I found it funny and when I told Kevin, he laughed at me. So I guess it was a “blonde moment”.

I used to say that life was always good, even when things were bad. Why? Because I felt that if I continued to remain positive that things would get better. Life really has been good the last 5 months and it’s just getting better.

Please keep checking back for updates. I know that in the future we’ll (Kevin and I) will be posting some DIY videos or just vlogs on our vlog channel. It will obviously take a few months for us to get to that point. We scheduled closing for sometime in June to give us time to pack and move the things we have here with us, but that could change. We may try to move it up a little bit, especially since the kids are almost done with this school year.

Well I’ve got some cleaning to do. I’m also going to start purging kids clothes that don’t fit or we just don’t need. No need to keep things that aren’t useful for our family. Who knows maybe I can sell the items on eBay to make a few bucks to put towards credit card bills. Anything to put us in a better financial situation!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us, we’re finally moving forward with our lives. It took a little longer than expect to get back on our feet, but we’re thankful for the people who have helped us along the way.

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