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Motivation is the Key to Success

The last few years have passed me by, as I’ve had absolutely no motivation. The only way for me to succeed at my goals is to realize that “Motivation is the Key to Success.” There’s nothing more in this world that I’d rather do than be the old me. I have just had the hardest time finding the motivation.

We’ve been in our house or almost 2 months, but I feel like we are nowhere near settled in. The kids still don’t have their bedroom furniture put together, Kevin and I haven’t decided on bedroom furniture. We still don’t have all the rooms in the house painted. So we still have the boys room, mine and Kevin’s room and the hall bathroom and the sunroom. The basement is completely finished, but the upstairs is still lacking in furniture, paint, and organization.

With Kevin hardly being home, the kids getting into everything that I move or organize I’ve just given up until we have the ability to put it all away. But because the house is unorganized and cluttered… I feel less motivated to do anything. Not to mention, I still have to go through all the stuff in the garage. My goal is to get rid of as much crap as I can and sell the big items that we aren’t using. No point in keeping them, then I can use that money towards paying down credit cards or purchasing workout equipment to create a home gym in half of the garage.

I just have to find the motivation to do all of these things. Hopefully, life will stop passing me by and I can actually get my life back on track where I hoped it would be.

Today, I’ll be making a video that will be uploaded on one of my YouTube channels today or tomorrow, not sure which one yet. I’m really hoping that I can get into the routine of doing a short daily vlog, as I’m trying to document and hold myself accountable with YouTube Videos. So now that we have the basement all finished up, I can workout down there. Just have to reach deep down and find the motivation and the time (looks like I may get to see the sunrise each morning while I drink my coffee). I just hope that my late nights and early mornings don’t affect me too much.

Well, I’m off to do all the regular household chores. Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media accounts!