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The Life We Live

Never in a million years did I ever think I would tell random strangers about our personal life. But here I am telling the whole world about the life we live. I can’t really pinpoint a reason as to why I love to blog, but I do. I hope that eventually my blog will inspire others or teach others something of value to them. Not everyone is going to get the same thing out of my experience in life. So welcome to the life we live and I hope you find some tidbit of value in here somewhere.

I have spent the last month or more playing catch up in life. The whole month of May seemed to bring us bad luck. Five negative things happened pretty much back-to-back. I think there was a sixth, but I can’t remember what it was at the moment so it must not have been that bad.

  1. Kittens broke my laptop
  2. Hot Water heater started leaking
  3. Kevin injured his back at work
  4. Kevin’s truck died while in his mom’s possession
  5. Zachary (our 5-year-old) broke his elbow while we were at First Aid/CPR Classes

Thankfully, the laptop had a protection plan with the GeekSquad. So it took 2 weeks to get my laptop back. It’s still not 100% perfect like it was before it was broken. But it works, for now.

I replaced the hot water heater with minimal help from Kevin. He couldn’t lift anything because the same day he picked up the hot water heater from Lowe’s is when he hurt his back at work. So I ended up having to wait until that Friday to replace the hot water heater. Our old one was leaking, so we turned off the electricity running to it, drained it the best we could and then I rocked it to where I could put it on some cardboard from the new hot water heater and slid that sucker out the back door. I’m so glad we purchased waterproof flooring because the hot water heater was still half full of water, it wasn’t draining properly because of sediment from our well water.

Kevin ended up on some pretty heavy duty meds for about a week. So he was home with me and the kids resting up. In that time frame, his mom called him to tell him that his truck died on her. Come to find out, his truck threw a rod for the 2nd time since he purchased this truck in 2010. He loves this little Ford Ranger, but man does this engine in it suck. It had less than 70k miles on it, when it threw a rod for the second time. If only he would have gotten an extended warranty on that dang truck. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Now, Zachary’s broken elbow is a giant fiasco in and of itself. All I know is that it happened at the playground while his big brother was swinging on the swing set. He ended up needing surgery. We’re 4 weeks post-surgery and finally have his pins out.

So all-in-all, we’re finally started to get back on track with the life we live. It’s been a crazy ride and I hope that the rest of 2017 goes a little more smoothly than the month of May did for our family.

We need to get back on track with our debt journey. A few things set us back a little, but we’ll get back on track soon.


Stop Procrastinating

The last few weeks I have been working on a few e-book topics to publish via Kindle Direct Publishing, but I haven’t gotten them finished because I keep procrastinating. I always find something else to do or use the fact that I’m caring for my 5 kids as an excuse. So this blog post isn’t just for me, it’s for YOU as well. It’s time we both stop procrastinating. It’s time we do something new, follow your heart or your dreams. Just go for it!

See I am currently procrastinating RIGHT NOW! How? By writing this blog post! I’ve already put together 10 Chapters of an E-book, just need to finish up a few more chapters and then I’m finished with the written portion. I’ll just have to come up with a book cover and then upload and publish to Kindle Direct Publishing! I just don’t know why I have spent the last 2+ weeks procrastinating. Considering 90% of my book is written, I just need to stop procrastinating and just write the rest of the darn book… TODAY!

If you are procrastinating for whatever reason on whatever is going on in your life… make today the day you stop procrastinating. Take that leap, put it all out there. The worst you can do is “fail”, but at least you tried. Society may consider it a failure, but when you at least try to do something you know you did your best. If you didn’t do your best, figure out what didn’t work or why it didn’t work and try it again. For me, I know my first e-book or two will probably suck. But at least I’m trying. I’m trying to write about things I know and love, so I can get books written quickly and then uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing. Why? Because I’d like to make a living off of something I love.

What in your life are you currently procrastinating about? Starting a relationship? Are you afraid of getting rejected? Well how would you know if you’re going to get rejected, if you don’t at least try? There are so many reasons to stop procrastinating, one of them is … because tomorrow is never promised. Life is short, so live it to the fullest daily!

Now that I’ve written this post, I feel like I can finish writing my book today. No more procrastinating on this book. No more procrastinating on getting it published. The sooner I finish this book, the sooner I can start working on my next book. There are so many book subjects that I could write about, so I’m going to work on writing a book each month for the rest of 2016. It may not work out that way, but I’m going to give it a whirl. Nothing is going to stop me from becoming a self-published author on Kindle Direct Publishing.

So take a moment today to figure out why you are procrastinating. Find the reason behind your procrastination and then STOP PROCRASTINATING! You’ve got this!

If you are procrastinating about getting out of Credit Card Debt, head on over to read my post titled ‘3 Easy Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt‘.

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