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Great News!

I just found out the great news… We got our pre-approval. We can officially start the hunt for our dream home. Kevin will be gone almost the entire month of April but at least, we have one thing less to stress over! Now all we need to do is find a home, coordinate movers to get our belongings from our storage unit in Maryland to our new home, and actually move! EEEKK! This is finally happening.

This has been a long time coming. We’ve stayed our course. Paid off bills, worked hard, fought hard and are finally getting to where we wanted and need to be!

I have never felt so blessed. We could go to closing before the kids finish school and we could move in as soon as the school year is over! BEST NEWS EVER! We didn’t want to uproot them in the middle of a school year. So this is great news.

I can’t wait to find a house that we can call our own.

Time to beef up our savings account. Going to need that for closing costs and moving expenses. We’re going to need about a $1,000 to $1,500 for moving expenses. Hiring movers, because I’m totally not moving everything. I’d rather have it all done before the kids and I move.

Oh, man I’m so anxious. Time to go see what Zillow has available in the area in which we want to live.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and an even more wonderful week. My week was starting to look horrible, but now that things are looking up… I’m ready to get things started.

Don’t forget to check back and see how things are going in our loan process and house hunt! That means new fun blogs are in our future, DIY, Painting, etc!

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