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Daily Vlogging

Last summer we tried our hand at daily vlogging. Needless to say, it didn’t last very long and I felt like it was all that we did. We didn’t do anything fun last summer because of Zachary’s broken elbow. This year we already have our pool membership and river access key/pass. So we’re going to be living it up this summer at the community pool or the river.

Because last summer was such a bust due to having a kid in a cast for 4 weeks, we’ve decided that we’re going to try daily vlogging again this summer. Starting July 1st, which really means I’ll be recording at the end of June so we upload on July 1st.

We have so much to share in our daily lives. Like how we raise our 5 children, how the adopting/fostering thing is going, what we do all summer, how we budget, teaching our kids life skills while making things fun, etc.

We will also be addressing Zachary’s behavioral issues as he was just diagnosed with ADHD and we’ll soon be testing the waters of medications available for him. We will still be pushing to have him tested to see if he is on the Autism Spectrum.

We’re looking forward to taking you all along for the ride that is our lives. We’ve got a crazy bunch of kiddos and we’re blessed beyond measure. But remember we’re only showing you the majority of the good moments in our lives. Things do go wrong and we’ll capture some of the bad moments in our lives, but we don’t want to dwell on the negative things unless there is a teachable moment.

Our main purpose for daily vlogging is to share our lives with family members who do not live nearby. Since we live in a different state than both mine and Kevin’s family we don’t see them as often. We will be using our YouTube channel to share our daily lives with those close to us. Obviously, we are opening up our lives to criticism and the potential for negative comments. We (Kevin and myself) will not tolerate negative comments towards our children or our family, we do have the settings for our comments set to where we have to manually approve them. So if there is a negative comment our children will never see them.

We look forward to sharing our Daily Dose of Delancey with you in just a few short weeks!

Waiting Game Again

Are we really playing this waiting game again? I think so… UGH! I’ve never bought a house before and we’ve never gotten this far into the home buying process in the last 2 years. Mostly because Kevin didn’t make a sizeable enough income to support two mortgages. Now that Kevin does make enough income; without using his overtime or per diem, I’ve been able to really get some insight that I didn’t have when we tried to start this journey.

Once we realized that Navy Federal Credit Union was unable to get their figures correct, provide us with the proper information or get the information I had given them correct that we would be using another bank. So we decided on Wells Fargo. Our buyer’s agent hooked us up with her mom, who just so happens to be a mortgage consultant at Wells Fargo. So We’ve been getting great service from Wells Fargo. I truly can’t say good enough things about Wells Fargo and our mortgage consultant.

This waiting game again, is really getting on my nerves. Right now we’re waiting on the VA Appraisal. Once that is submitted, as far as I know the underwriting department looks it over and decides if the house is worth what we’re paying for it, if not then we’ve got to start over and we’ve already put about $1,300 into this process already. Fees that we don’t get back if our contract goes to shit!

Right now, we’re on business day 8 out of 10. So hopefully by Monday the VA Appraiser has done their job and writes up their report and submits it to our bank before the close of business on May 20, 2016. With a VA loan there are certain stipulations, for example ALL of our documents have to be in our file for 14 business days before we can go to closing. That means all the inspections (pest/termite, water test, VA appraisal) and all of our income related documents, our bank statements, etc. I honestly think that the process may have been easier if we hadn’t used Kevin’s VA loan. But then we would have need at least 3.5% down for a down payment. Which right now, just wasn’t possible for us, so we just went with the option that was best suitable for our family and our financial situation.

I will say that it hasn’t been a horrible process now that we’ve chosen the proper bank for us. Right now, we have our conditional approval. Just waiting on the paperwork from the appraisal to be uploaded and then play another portion of the waiting game again!

It’s a rough spot to be in, mostly because we’ll be leaving for the East Coast shortly before closing and with either stay with my sister or just go visit friends in Virginia that are still active duty. Until we close we’ll be in limbo. So we’re really trying to wait until the last minute to leave here and head to the Maryland/Virginia area.

Man, I still think about all the times I said I hated the Virginia area and how much I wanted to be back in Maryland. I guess I felt so isolated from the “real world” when we lived on base. But now, I’m chomping at the bit to move back. I can’t wait. We’ll be close enough to visit family again. I’m dying for the family interaction again.

Well I’m headed out the door to go get some milk. I forgot to buy some yesterday while I was grocery shopping. I was so focused on getting out of the store without wanting to rip my hair out. If anyone has young children, they you understand my dilemma when it comes to shopping with them. Their hands are always touching things, they want to whine and cry, ask for things I haven’t paid for yet, etc. So I rushed and missed a few things I needed.

In the meantime, wish us luck and that this appraisal process is quick and painless.




Applying for a Mortgage

So yesterday afternoon when I came home from running errands I ended up applying for a mortgage, well pre-approval. I’m on pins and needles. My stomach is in knots. I know that our credit scores are Good/Very Good. So we’re just waiting for the bank to give us information on our pre-approval. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So I’m really dying to know what’s going on.

We’re doing all that we can to save money for the closing costs, we’re not going to have a down payment. But that’s all good, I guess. The VA Loan doesn’t require us to have a down payment, we just have to cover closing or we could get the seller to pay closing costs.

In the last few days, while leading up to applying for a mortgage, I just found out that Kevin most likely won’t be home for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Instead, he’ll be in Canada, then he’ll be leaving Canada on 4/3 and going straight to Arizona (which means tons of OVERTIME)! Then he’s headed to Texas. I pretty much won’t see him at all in the month of April. So much for celebrating our anniversary. We all have to make sacrifices and I guess this is one of those times.

Things are starting to look up. We’ve got money, Kevin’s working a ton of hours. April will probably be the most profitable month for him. In 4 paychecks for 2016, he’s made over $12,000. In 4 paychecks in 2015, he made around $11,000. So if things keep going the way they are with all these hours and overtime, he’s going to break $100,000 in his first year with the new company. This job has its perks, but it has its drawbacks. I guess you could say this job has been a blessing in disguise.

Now all we need to do is obtain this one small goal. Okay, okay. It’s not a small goal, but it’s something we really need in order to have our family time when Kevin isn’t traveling. I just have to keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. We’re slowly getting to the point where we can achieve our goal before the end of this summer. We just need to finish the mortgage process.

Well, it’s Saturday morning with my little ones. Time to go clean up my mess from breakfast (eggs, pancakes & sausage). As soon as we have some information, I’ll be updating everyone!

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Leap Day

Today February, 29, 2016 is a leap day. This adds one more day to this wonderful year. Also adding one more day to our wait until our credit reports update. While a leap day is cool, it’s always something I forget about. I’d hate to be born in a leap year, your birthday only comes once every 4 years, lol.

So today on this leap day, I’m picking up a friend and we’re going out for coffee with my two little ones. But before I can go anywhere, I need finish eating, wait for Zachary and Ryleigh to eat their cereal, do the dishes, start the laundry (which is never ending), and vacuum the house. Have I said how much I hate chores. Honestly, the only chore that I hate doing is dishes. I am weird about the feeling you get when glass/ceramic items slide across my prune-like finger tips. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

I really want to change the direction that my blog is going. I want to steer more towards posting things with more meaning. Only posting “personal” posts every once in a while.

My goal for my blog is to have a lot of different topics discussed like DIY, food related, fiance related, and fun stuff. My intent once we’ve moved into our dream home is to really start focusing on using my blog as a way to help support of family of 7. Obviously right now my blog has very few readers/viewers, but it does have a few. So over the next few months, I’ll be working on my SEO, figuring out the best writing style for my blog, and a few other things. It’s time I stop wasting time and start getting serious about not only this blog, but my other ones. Please know that I’m not blogging to only make money, as I really enjoy blogging. But this little bit of money that I am making and the money that I could be making can help my family purchase our dream home (or pay it off faster once we get it) and/or purchase a new family vehicle without financing it.

Be sure to check back all throughout the month of March to see what’s happening here on Delancey Dream Home!

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Delancey Dream Home


Waiting Game

The next month or so is going to be a waiting game. Why? Well keep reading to see what the waiting game is all about.

For those that haven’t stopped by our blog before, let me give you a little background on our family.

We’re a family of 7 with a dog and 2 cats!

My husband, Kevin was a United States Marine for 10 years, he was honorably discharged in September 2014. He spent a year working for a small construction company, the pay sucked and the job itself wasn’t much better. But the owners of the company were great people. When I found Kevin’s new job and he accepted the offer, he gave his two weeks. They said if things with his new job didn’t workout, he was more than welcome to come back. They still text him every so often to say they miss him. He’s now been at his new job for almost 4 months. He loves his new job, while it’s not the same type of generator work that he was doing in the military. Job is great, co-workers are great, and the pay is phenomenal. He spends a lot of time traveling, but it is part of the job.

We have 5 kids (three are from my 1st marriage; that ended badly). They’re all under 12. Our house is always crazy. Someone is always doing something too loud, too messy, or too slowly. We’re looking forward to being back on the East Coast, as soon as possible. We’re trying so hard to get our lives together after the Marine Corps to give our kids the best. We have occasionally struggled to make ends meet because we support not only our children, but a house in Maryland that my in-laws live in. My in-laws are finally getting back on their feet, so we’re almost to where we need to be in order to purchase our dream home. No need to damage my husband’s credit by letting his first house get foreclosed on.

This tax season, we were planning on paying off debts (as many as we possibly could). Well we had to change some things around and decided to get all our credit card debt under control. We are just under 25% utilization between all of our cards (we have a lot, lol).

So to get back to the topic of this post… we’re playing the waiting game with our credit scores. Now, before you jump to conclusions we both have good credit scores, we’re just waiting for them to get better. The better the score, the better the rates we can get for a mortgage.

So we’ve got to wait until our credit reports update with all the proper account information. Until then, we’re still going to make more than our minimum payments until our cards are paid off and we’re going to put all of Kevin’s overtime pay into our two savings accounts (only one has online and access via debit card, the other requires Kevin to go to the bank to deposit while he’s in Virginia).

I’m not sure what is worse… the “two week wait” when finding out if you are pregnant or not… or waiting for our credit reports to update.

This has been a long time coming… We’ve just been waiting it out for the last year. We attempted to purchase a house in 2014, but with all the other issues (not getting rent money from his family) we had to put our dreams on hold. But this is a much better year financially and this is the right time for our family to do the things we want to do.

Well enough random ramblings. I’ve got to go do laundry and dishes. The life of a stay-at-home mom/housewife are never done! But I wouldn’t change this for the world. The freedom it allows us, as a family is awesome.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. The kids and I have some science fair projects to do.

Dream Makeup Room

Everyone has their wants and dreams. My want would be purchasing a house. Investing in my families future together. A place to give my kids the stable life and home they want and need to be productive little members of our society. So today’s post is about my “Dream Makeup Room”. Now our future home may not be big enough for me to have a Makeup Room, but a girl can always dream. Right? I think so!

You’re probably asking yourself… Is this woman really in need of an entire room for her makeup collection? The answer to that question is NO, not yet! Just kidding. I just want a space that is mine. A place I can record YouTube videos, a place where I can go when I want quiet time, after my kids have gone to bed. Just my own little personal space.

So I already have a desk and desk chair in storage for my dream makeup room (I was going to make our spare bedroom into my YouTube/Makeup room in our Virginia house). So right now, I’ve got the basics of my room. I also have some ClosetMaid Cubical Organizers (I can’t remember if they are White or Espresso). Now all I need is decor for the background of my dream makeup room that will be used in my YouTube Videos.

I have a few DIY videos that I’ll be making that will include some inexpensive decor ideas. Marquee lights, Wall Art, etc. So if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my beauty related YouTube Channel.

I would like to eventually get a really nice white Wall Mounted Jewelry Storage Mirror. I only have a few pieces of jewelry to put in the mirror, mainly my two or three necklaces, my heirloom wedding set that was my great grandmother’s, and a few things that will eventually be passed on to my children.

A nice bookshelf would be nice, mostly to store cute makeup items and camera gear.

Oh and a cute gray & white chevron rug!

I would also like to get some clear acrylic cosmetics organizers… like this one.

There are so many other things I’d like to do in my dream makeup room, but I can’t give away all my ideas.

There are still several what if’s and what house we’re going to purchase. So we’re doing whatever we can to not get our hopes up and to pay off our credit cards and personal loan that could prevent us from purchasing our dream home.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We’ll be working on science fair projects… just me and the kiddos.

Thanks for checking out my latest blog.

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Delancey Dream Home

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90 Days

Tomorrow marks Kevin’s first 90 Days with the new company! In those 90 days he’s made more than half of what he was making with the last company for an entire year.

The last 90 days have been rough. Some days are better than others, but we’re doing okay. It was a huge adjustment when he left in November for training. The older three were very upset, Connor especially. I did my best to reassure him that things will workout and we’ll be better than ever once we have our dream home.

Financially we’re doing way better than we were. Three credit cards have a zero balance, #4 will be paid off this month, at least 3 more credit cards will be paid off with our tax return, along with our personal loan. That leaves us with 4 credit cards to pay off.

We’re putting $500 extra a month on the card with the highest interest first. Soon enough we’ll be out from under our credit card debt. Then we can pay down/off my student loans.

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s so nice to see money in the bank and it’s nice to see that just one of Kevin’s paychecks each month covers the entire months bills including “his” Maryland house (that my in-laws live in).

During the last 90 days, I’ve wanted to blow money like there is no tomorrow. But I’ve had to reign myself in, bills come first. Once all the bills are paid in full and money is put in the kids savings accounts, then we can spend some money on ourselves. It feels so good to be able to start our kids off on the right foot. We’re already teaching them the importance of saving their money (we let them splurge a little bit), but not with their money. We use ours on the splurge items, but they think we took the money for it out of their accounts. Once they are old enough to get jobs, we’re going to be teaching them to save the majority of their paychecks, while setting aside 25% of it to use for activities, shopping, etc.

Wow, I always manage to end up off topic. I guess I just have so much to say, because I spend so much time at home with little people that I just open up on my blog(s).

So we the Delancey family are on our way (rapidly) to paying off debts and that much closer to our dream home! Eekkkk! You have no idea how excited I am to be saying that! Eight to ten years ago, I never would have dreamed that I’d be able to purchase a house. But here we are, on the doorstep of home ownership. It feels amazing to say that.

Once we have our dream home, everything else will fall into place.
So many goals, so many dreams. We’re so close to getting everything in order and having the life we were meant to have together.

Well since I’m just rambling now, I’d better wrap this up. I have somethings to do before I forget… Laundry, YouTube Video Planning, etc.

I hope everyone who reads this blog has a wonderful week and comes back to see how things are going soon!


It’s a Sauna in Here!

I was trying to get ready for my dentist appointment for this afternoon. With all the kids home and only me here to keep an eye on them, I have to do things in stages. So I decided to start with my hair. I put Ryleigh in her playpen, grabbed my hair straightener and went to the bathroom so I had a mirror. I turned my straightener on it’s max setting of 400 degrees because I have thick, coarse hair. I started sectioning off my hair and combing through it to get all the knots out. Once I got through the first layer of hair, it was already a sauna in the bathroom with the door open and the exhaust fan on!!!

I made it to the top layer of hair (my fourth section of hair) and just couldn’t take it any longer. The sweat was just rolling down my back. Ugh, I hate that feeling! Yuck! Sad part is, I just got a shower this morning before the kids got up! I have to get a shower every morning because the moment we get in our room every night, is the moment we start sweating! It’s like a sauna in there too!

I wasn’t even in the bathroom with the door open for 10 minutes and it pretty much instantly became a sauna.

The kids spend most of their time in their room, I spend a lot of time in mine and Kevin’s room because that’s where my computer is located. I have all my editing software for photos and video on it. So I tend to spend a lot of time there. Kevin spends a lot of time in the living room with Zachary and Ryleigh because it has the most space for them to run and play.

It’s so hard living in someone else’s home and not being able to make changes to the heating and air conditioning settings for fear of upsetting/pissing someone off. We’re going to have to draw the line somewhere, I can’t take living in a sauna for another year! We’re used to having our A/C set down to 64 degrees at night and max of 70 degrees during the day when we were in Virginia.

The temperature of this house is killing me, I’m tempted to go get my hair cut. I’m tired of dealing with all this hair, with the heat, and these kids! One less thing for me to worry about, all I’ll have to do is run a brush through it, a take all of 5 to 10 minutes using my hair straightener instead of 30+ minutes trying to straighten it all!

In about two hours, I’m going to try and get Ryleigh down for a nap so I can go put on makeup. Hopefully that won’t take me too long. As I don’t want to spend 20 more minutes in a sauna.

While this is a stressful living situation for my kids, my husband and myself; we are very thankful that we have a place to live for the time being. We’re trying not to over-stay our welcome, but it’s getting close. Our anxiety levels are through the roof and our marriage is starting to suffer a little bit.

We were really hoping to be out of here before the school year starts in August 2015, but I’m not sure that it’s going to happen. We’re still hoping for the best and doing all that we can to make that happen.

Well I’d better go finish my hair. Head on over to our YouTube Channel, leave a comment, rate and subscribe! Subscription is free! So click that button, so you can see what’s happening in the Delancey¬† Family’s Journey to Home-Ownership!

Canon Vixia HF R600

For the last month or so, Kevin and I have been discussing the idea of buying a new “vlog camera” that doesn’t have a retractable lens.
I have a little FujiFilm FinePix Z90.. but it has a few drawbacks.
The FinePix Z90, has a slide down face plate that covers the lens, this also is how it’s turned on. If I left this in my purse to capture snippets of video of my little ones, 90% of the time the battery was dead when I went to use it. It was always opening in my purse, draining the battery, and of course I didn’t know it.
It’s a decent “vlog” camera. It’s a shame that it doesn’t allow me to change more settings, but for less than $50 (before taxes)… it isn’t horrible. Plus, if you’re known for breaking cameras, this would be one of those you could easily replace because of it’s cost. If you’re just getting into vlogging this could also be a cheaper way to see if you like making videos.
Right now, I’m still waiting for the Canon Vixia HF R600 to charge. It takes 5 hours and 35 minutes according to the instruction manual. So I can’t really say how I feel about it just yet. But the reason we bought a camcorder versus a compact digital camera is because it doesn’t have a retractable lens. Once a retractable lens gets off track, the camera is basically useless. So you’re out about $110+ for a Canon PowerShot Elph model. The other reason we bought a camcorder over a compact digital camera (point and shoot) is because the majority of them do not have articulating screens. So you can’t see if you’re in focus or if you’re in the video or not.
From time to time, I may use the FujiFilm FinePix Z90 as long as the battery is charged. Maybe I’ll use it for when I go out by myself, I can vlog without having to carry the camcorder. We’ll see, it mainly depends on the difference in the quality of the video footage between the Z90 or the HF R600.
If you’re a vlogger, what’s your favorite camera/camcorder/phone to record your videos with? I’d really love to know, so leave me a comment below!


You should check it out, if you haven’t already!

We’re the Delancey’s! We have 5 crazy awesome kids (you can see all of them in the video above). This is our life and no matter how crazy it can be at times, we do our best to enjoy all the ups and downs.

The only thing we’d change is not having a place to call home! If only we can find a home builder to help us achieve our dreams of home ownership of a house that is safe for our children and that fits our needs when it comes to our family size.

Please help us make Delancey Dream Home a reality instead of a dream!

We don’t expect to receive things for free, we want to work for them! As you can see, I (Victoria) have some skills when it comes to creating videos. I think I could have done way better if I had brought out the tripod to give my shots a more steady look. I’m still working on learning some awesome transitions from one clip to the other. But I’m working on it. It’s hard to work when your computer is in your bedroom and you spend more time in a common room of the house because of the kids.

Once we get a house of our own, I’ll be able to edit without any problems because I’ll be putting the desktop in the room our family spends most of our time. That way I can edit while the kids play, watch t.v. and nap. But for now all my editing time is in the evenings after Kevin gets home and after we have dinner, weekends, or early mornings when the kids are still in bed.

I was thinking about learning iMovie so I could edit in other rooms, but I want all my videos to be edited with the same software. That way the all have the same look and feel to them. Plus I really like Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (yes, it’s old but its mine and I like it).

This weekend I’ll be working on our regular video intro.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some more fun footage of this weekend’s festivities, maybe a trip to get some ice cream, watch some fireworks, etc. Although I’m not sure how the fireworks are going to work out because little miss Ryleigh doesn’t handle loud noises well when she’s awake. So we may not get to see fireworks. If we can’t go see the fireworks, we’ll do some sprinklers & something else fun for all the little ones (an art project).

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