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One Week Away

OMG! We are one week away from closing! Just 7 whole days until we sign our lives away for the next 30 years (our goal is to pay it off sooner, but we’ll work on that later). My anxiety about large purchases is kicking in. Anytime I’m faced with making a purchase over $2,000 I get a little anxious and then my stomach ends up in knots. Considering this is a purchase that totals up to way more than $2,000  I am really at a place where I constantly feel stressed, sick, anxious, etc. I’m ready for this to be over, so I can start feeling better. We’ve been on this roller coaster ride since March 11.

Since March 11th, we’ve had a ton of stress from the crap with Navy Federal, then having to switch banks on May 2nd. In 3 weeks, we’ve gotten everything done and ready for closing. We’re just one week away and yet it feels like an eternity.

I’m ready to be moving to Loudoun County. It’s probably one of the more expensive areas that we could have lived in, but it’s a good place for our kids to grow up. The schools are great. But property taxes are outrageous.

I’m waiting for the bank to update the loan tracker, so I can see what point we’re at in the game. We’ve got an estimated cost of $1,600 that will be needed for closing. So we’ll need to get a Cashier’s Check before we meet up for closing.

There are no words for how excited I really am about being a homeowner by this time next week. There are so many things that need to be done. I need to find the number for the electric company so we can start service in our names, then we need to get cable setup, and I need to get a flooring company out to give us a quote for hardwood floors in the basement. I don’t want carpet, so I need to get rid of it ASAP!

There are so many feelings running around in my head that I can’t even think straight. I’m just ready. Ready for things to get back to normal. Well, our new normal. I know that shortly after we get the house, Kevin will be traveling for work. So I’ll be home caring for the kiddos, getting them enrolled in their new schools, etc.

Well, this will most likely be the last post I make until we’ve gotten settled into the house and have internet.

Wish us luck with traveling with our 5 kids. Nothing can prepare you for such a stressful thing like that.