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Grocery Day!

Every Thursday is grocery day for our family. I spend all week gathering coupons that I will use for things like baby food, yogurt, spaghetti noodles and sauce, sugar, flour, eggs, cereal, stuff for Kevin’s lunches, and things like spaghetti O’s, ravioli, etc.

I dread grocery day every single week. Why? Because normally I have to take all 5 of the kids, unless Kevin gets home in time for me to go before dinner. That way I’m not out later by myself, nor are we taking kids out during the school year (they have a set bedtime while school is in session).

On actual grocery day, I do a quick mental inventory of all the food we have in the pantry and the chest freezer. Once I’ve done that, I can then start to make my mental list of what I need to purchase.

Today is going to be a pretty simple day. No pasta or sauce, no ground beef, no frozen pizzas, no canned veggies (we use them for quick week night sides for dinner), and very little for Kevin’s lunches.

I’m really hoping to get out of the store for under $100!

But we’ll see how that goes.

I don’t have many coupons for today, because I’m mostly buying fresh fruits and veggies, some chicken, some shredded cheese and maybe a few other little odds and ends.

InĀ  another post, I’ll tell you how I get my coupons. It’s almost time for lunch in our house, so I’d better go fix the little ones some food.

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