The Photographer in Me

As an advanced amateur photographer, I am looking forward to photographing my family in a place we can call our own. I literally dream about it at night. I want the opportunity to photograph my children reading books, eating ice cream, baking cookies/cupcakes, playing with their younger siblings, and more.
I want to photograph the details of our lives, to allow the entire world to see how much joy our children bring to our lives, here on Delancey Dream Home. This website will be our daily, weekly, monthly (whichever I feel is appropriate) outlet for sharing our joy and love with the world.


Once we have our home, this site won’t be abandoned. I’ll do my best to update this blog regularly, probably while I drink my morning coffee (hopefully sitting in my new sunroom) and while I get started on editing the Delancey Dream Home daily vlogs to put our YouTube Channel.


The photographer in me also wants to have these beautiful sunset photos of my house where the sky is this beautiful organge-pinkish color. That’s the kind of photos I want to display on Delancey Dream Home website, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I want to show the beauty in a home. I don’t want people to just see it as a house. I want people to see it as a place where love and laughter is shared by a blended family. We’re the average American family (well we might have a few more kids than the average family) and we wouldn’t change it for the world.


I want to plaster large canvas prints all over my walls of my children, pets and family. I just want a place where my little family can plant our roots and grow. After being a military family for 3 years (10 years in the military for my husband), we want a place to call our own.


Please help our family get the home of our dreams.



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