The stressors of life

Living with someone else has become such a stressor in life that I can barely function properly. It has caused so much tension between my husband and I, it has caused so much anxiety for me and now my kids are starting to see the effects of this living arrangement. It’s not at all healthy for them to see.


I’m on the last straw with everything going on. We need our own space, we need to stop wasting $305 a month on a storage unit in a completely different state. We can’t even use the items that are in the storage unit… so why do we have them anymore?

I feel like selling off all of our belongings and just starting over. It’s hard to say that because I’m such a sentimental person, but I feel like everything is from our military lifestyle that I just want to start over. I want a clean slate. I don’t want the constant reminders of where we were and where we are at now. It’s just a really rough situation for us right now.


We’ll get there. We’ll get passed this rough spot. We just have to do our best, work together as best as we possibly can right now and keep moving forward.


I’ve been submitting job applications for my husband, in hopes that we’ll find him a better position that what he’s got going on right now. Hopefully something closer to our families will open up and we can move forward with our lives the way we want to do so.


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