Update: New Direction

Update: New Direction

We’ve had to head in a new direction, so I thought I’d post an update for my readers.

Because all the odds have been stacked against us, we’ve had to make some more life changing decisions.

We had a contractor go out to the house, do a walk-through and tell us what needs to be done to get the house to a liveable condition for a renter or if we wanted to live in it.


The news was exactly what we expected… EXPENSIVE! But he gave us another option that we hadn’t even thought about.
He referred us to some cheaper contractors that can come out and do the plumbing, the electrical, the drywall, carpet, flooring, kitchen cabinets, the doors, and the lead paint abatement. If we can get the house in good enough shape to pass a section 8 inspection and have it rented as a section 8 property, then the house will no longer be a liability. It will be an asset and we can go purchase our 1st house together.


Only problem is… the house we originally wanted to purchase (our dream home) has already been sold. So now we’re on the hunt for another property that will give us the same features as the last one. Searching for a home is a daunting task, but we’ll eventually find what we’re looking for in a house.

In the meantime, we’re starting with the electrician, we’re having the whole house rewired and put on to one (instead of three) electric meters. Then we’re going to have the plumber & general contractor come in and do the bathrooms, drywall, doors, flooring, and paint, lead paint abatement, and then we’ll have someone lay carpet throughout the house. Since it’s going to be a section 8 property, we are just going to do everything builder grade, even out some flooring. No need for anything fancy.
Hopefully we can get these contractors to finish before the end of July. So we can get a renter in the house before the school year starts, that way we can start rebuilding our down payment fund for our dream home.


Thanks for stopping by and checking up on the Delancey Family!

I’ll update with new information, as soon as I know what is going on.

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