Weekend Re-cap July 11-12

Weekend Re-cap July 11-12

On Saturday, Kevin and I had to run a few errands. Ryleigh needed some baby food (she has texture issues), so we picked up that… but while we were in Target, I was browsing the toy section and picked up a bunch of toys for the kids. They were all on Clearance AND on Cartwheel for an extra 20% off! For a Nerf Bow, a VTech InnoTab Max, two InnoTab games, two flutter fairies, some play-dough, a talking Stuffy from Doc McStuffins, a small little Doc McStuffins toy set, some little 3 pack of whistling rockets, and a Monster High Doll. We ended up paying around $120 for all the toys (before taxes). It was a such a great deal that I couldn’t pass it up. The VTech InnoTab Max was originally $112… so all the stuff we got was so worth the money we spent. The kids are enjoying their new toys.

After dinner the other night, we took the kids outside to play with the whistling rockets and the Nerf Bow. The kids had a blast, but poor Zachary is in the mine phase. Everything he touches becomes his; in his opinion. So we had to cut our outside time short, because Zachary needed to get his butt ready for a bath and bedtime.

Sunday, we packed up my truck with camera & camera gear, the kids and all the stuff we needed for our trip! Spent 2 hours in the truck to get to a birthday party for a cute little 1 year old. Took some photos, spent time with the other guests, let Zachary, Bailey, and Ada play in the kiddie pool. Around 5:30pm, we packed up the kids and left. We got to see the sunset on our ride home, while stuck in traffic. It took almost 3 1/2 hours to make it back to the house. An hour and a half of sitting in traffic with 5 kids was a lot more pleasant than I had expected.

I took some video footage while we were stuck in traffic including some footage at sunset. I have to upload it to my computer, so I can edit it tonight and tomorrow. I’ll be posting it on our YouTube channel on Wednesday (once it’s done, I’ll post it here on this post).


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