What Can You Expect?

What Can You Expect?

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Delancey Dream Home?

Are you wondering what you can expect to receive in return?

Well look no further…

This post will explain some of what the Delancey’s have to offer in exchange for Corporate Sponsorships.

-Daily, Weekly or Monthly Vlogs and/or Blogs about your product(s)

-Daily Family Vlog using your product(s)

-Your company links (social media, websites, etc) on all our YouTube Videos

-Mention and/or backlinks on all our other Social Media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

-Positive Review videos for your product(s)

-Moving Day Video (when we finally are able to move into our 1st home)

-Furniture Shopping Video (We’re going to let our readers/followers help us pick our furniture on Instagram and Twitter) -Cooking/Baking Videos with recipes (most likely once a week)

-Workout Videos (if I have space for an in-home gym)

-Video Series for buying a Pre-Construction Property (start to finish; if we can get a builder as a Corporate Sponsor).

Because I love photography so much, I have plenty of high quality camera equipment to make vlogs, cooking/baking videos, as well as upload high quality videos/photos to our Twitter and Instagram.

All videos will be uploaded to the Delancey Dream Home YouTube Channel.

*All videos and photos will remain property of the Delancey family under Copyright laws.*

Also please note that all videos on the Delancey Dream Home YouTube Channel with be monetized; allowing our family to use the money earned from our videos to pay off our dream home.

Due to FTC (Federal Trade Commission) laws; I have to make my viewers aware that I was either given a product, paid for a product review, employed by the company, etc. There will be a disclaimer somewhere within the description box on all videos with your product(s).

In case you’re wondering what type of gear I have; I will list it below.

Current Camera Gear

Canon T1i
Canon T4i
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Lens
Canon 24-105mm 4L
Canon 85mm 1.8
Canon 40mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon 430EX II Flash

In today’s day and age, the first people go to get information is the internet (Google and YouTube are my go-to sites). I use Google to find written reviews of products and/or companies (there is nothing worse than bad customer service). I use YouTube to find out what people like and dislike about products, companies, etc. I want to know people’s honest thoughts and feelings on products. So I look for videos from the average American consumer.

Word of mouth and social media are two of the most widely use marketing techniques in 2015.

So we, the Delancey’s are willing to put our family out there for the world to see how we live our lives; while we promote your products.

Please help our family get into the home of our dreams.

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